The house stands silhouetted by trees. In the dark there is an eerie look to it, like whoever last lived in it was scared away, or was driven away, or ran away.

–Number Four, I Am Number Four

17 Old Mill Road was the home of Henri and Number Four during their stay in Paradise.

It was not a pleasant house and it had not been maintained for a long while. The one story clapboard house was covered in white chipped paint and the front porch was covered with rickety chairs. The yard was wild and overgrown and the front drive was covered with weeds and large water filled potholes. Everything inside had a thick layer of dust and insects covering it.

Henri and John were greeted by Annie Hart where they signed the lease. The training and development of John's first Legacies take place here. Later, during the Battle of Paradise High School, it is suggested that the Mogadorians had learned of its location and had cut off its power and signal like they had done with the school.

After the battle the media, blaming John and Henri for apparant terrorism and destruction of the school, cover a news story in which 17 Old Mill Road is raided and their high tech computers and other suspicious items are found.