Possessed By Ella, Loridas, Setrákus Ra
Primary Function Switch between lived ages
Secondary Function Disguise, long life and prosperity

"While standing in front of me, Ella begins to change. Her arms shorten and her shoulders narrow; she loses twenty centimeters of height, and her weight drops significantly. The shrinking of her face shocks me the most, and quickly she looks like the tiny girl I’ve come to love."

(Marina, The Power of Six)

The term Aeternus describes the ability to move back and forth between ages that have already been lived. It is not a legacy, but is still a blessing from Lorien and an extraordinary ability which makes it possible to live for an extremely long time.  It is also incredibly rare.

Known UsersEdit


Ella was born an Aeternus. In Spain, Ella is taken in by the Santa Teresa orphanage as a seven year old in order to gain Marina's trust. Reverting to a younger age, and therefore size, Ella is able to move around the orphanage without being noticed and hide in small spaces. Ella often becomes a younger version of herself when she is scared or intimidated. 

Setrákus RaEdit

Setrákus tells Ella that he is also an Aeternus and hints that he uses it to keep himself young.

Loridas Edit

Perhaps one of the only things that Crayton was truthful about, the Elder known as Loridas (during the Lorien Era at least) did, in fact, have this ability. During a meeting with the Lorien Era Pittacus, regarding the execution of Setrákus Ra, Pittacus uses his Ximic Legacy to copy Ra's Dreynen, removing Loridas' legacies and causing him to return to his true age.

Pittacus Lore Edit

It is likely anyone with the title of Pittacus can replicate this ability with Ximic. In Ella's vision of Pittacus, she states that he never ages thanks to his Aeternus.


  • It is said, by Crayton, that Loridas was also an Aeternus. He had told Ella that she was the tenth member of the Garde and that she was the one who would take the place of Loridas, these later turn out to be lies, however Loridas was Aeternus.
  • In Latin, Aeternus means "Eternal"

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