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'The Anubis: Destroyer of Worlds. The Crown Jewel of the Mogadorian Fleet.'

Origin Mogadore
Owner Setrákus Ra
Function Leader of the Mogadorian Fleet
The Anubis is the Mogadorian's main vessel in their fleet. In The Revenge of Seven, it is described as being so big that it covered NYC in it's shadow. Ella is taken here after being kidnapped from the penthouse in Chicago. It has tons of cannons all over it perfect for destroying anything in it's path. Setrákus Ra is basically in love with the Anubis and is extremely proud of it. It has many docking bays where Mogadorian ships can take off and land in.

The Anubis concept art

In The Fate of Ten, the Anubis is seen blowing up any military jet that is sent to the ship in seconds. It is also seen bombing entire buildings with one single powerful cannon. The cannon was powerful enough that it could destroy the Mayan Temple in Calakmul with one shot. It later returned to the west virginia mountain base and defended it when the garde attacked. It is destroyed when Adam rams another mogadoian warship into it. This causes it to crash into the mountain and cause it to collapse

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