Australia is a large, popular, and economically stable country in Oceania. It's primary language is English.

History Edit

The most well known city, Sydney, is bombarded by a Mogadorian Warship after Adam sends out a transmission in which he reveals to the Trueborn the truth that Setrákus Ra is Loric. This causes a massive uproar, and results in Sydney being bombarded prematurely. This is because the Captain, General Rezza El-Doth, thinks he could look good in front of the Beloved Leader. Fortunately, a large percentage of Sydney's urban population is evacuated beforehand. Later, Number Six and Sam Goode go to Alice Springs, a Loralite deposit, to drop off some equipment to help the Australian military take down the Mogadorian Warship.

Approximately one year later, the Foundation send Einar to kidnap Bunji, an aboriginal Human-Garde that gains Recupero. The Blackstone mercenaries then slaughter the people in the village. Six and Sam later come here to question the sole survivor, a young girl named Miah. Sam talks to Miah about what happened and she communicates through her toys. Six and Sam soon leave after they hear about Vincent Iabruzzi.