I follow her gaze to the roof, where there’s now a jagged hole the size of a bus. As I’m staring, a tall man in a trench coat with long red hair walks to the edge of the hole. He points at me.
-Marina, The Power of Six

The Battle of Santa Teresa is a major conflict between the Loric and the Mogadorians in a small town in Spain and reaches its climax near a lake. It marks Marina's first major confrontation with the Mogadorians since living in the orphange for a number of years, the introduction of the apparant Number Ten, also known as Ella, and her Cêpan Crayton, and the arrival of Number Six who leaves Four and Sam to track Marina.


The Mogadorians had known of Marina's location for a while, though Crayton had been working behind the scenes to create distractions to lead them off her scent while he worked to find her chest and leave Spain with her. However, after reuniting with her chest and seemingly setting off a tracking device (Red Crystal) she is careless and uses her Telekinesis to levitate Adelina, her Chest and herself from the belfry which, unbeknownst to her, is witnessed and attracts a large amount of media coverage.

Marina finally manages to convince Adelina that the Mogadorians have found her after she sees Crayton, who she thinks is a Mogadorian, speaking to Héctor. The Mogadorians' arrival becomes inevitable, Crayton panics and lights a giant Loric symbol to alert the other Garde, hoping they would come and help fight.


I'm going to mow every damn one of them down!

–Crayton, The Power of Six

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In Santa Teresa, after Crayton has lit the mountain with the Loric symbol that attracts Six, the Mogadorians have arrived. A scout attacks Marina and Adelina through the ceiling, and Marina manages to kill it by throwing her bed at it with telekinesis. Marina and Adelina go to a courtyard via telekinesis, and are cornered by 3 Mogadorian Soldiers. Adelina injures one, but the Soldier kills Adelina with her own knife. Marina, angered by Adelina's death, kills that soldier and then one more. The last one is killed by a mysterious man with an assault rifle, revealed to be Crayton (Marina initially mistakes him for a Mogadorian). He arrives with Ella, who is revealed to be an Aeturnus, and then uses his assault rifle (armed with loralite bullets) and fires at every approaching scout and soldier until every bullet is fired. He, Marina, and Ella meet Héctor Ricardo, who has learned everything, in a car, and then Héctor drives him to a lake, followed by Mogs who have destroyed Santa Teresa. Then Crayton summons the Chimæra, Olivia, from a lake, and she takes the form of a Plesiosaur-like beast. She attacks and kills several mogs, but is overwhelmed and killed by swarms of Krauls. The group then leaves the car, and is joined by Six. Right then, after they mow down at least 70 scouts and soldiers, a massive Piken attacks the group. The Piken grabs Héctor, and crushes his ribs, killing him. Héctor uses his dying breath to give Marina the chest. Ella goes to safety. Six meets Marina and Crayton, and confirms to Marina that John Smith is Number Four. In the aftermath, Santa Teresa is destroyed to bits.


Much of the town of Santa Teresa was destroyed and the amount of death weighs heavily on Marina, including the deaths of her Cêpan Adelina and her best friend Héctor Ricardo. At the end of the battle, Crayton reveals to Six, Marina and Ella that Setrákus Ra is likely to arrive on earth soon as the mogadorians have finally realised that the remaining Garde are getting stronger and are an actual threat.

If Setrákus Ra thinks it's going to be easy, he's got another thing coming.

The group leave for India to chase up a lead on a possible Garde member.

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