If I see you again, you traitorous bastard... I’ll take the other fucking eye!
-Marina, The Fall of Five

In the Everglades searching for the spot that Five hid his Loric Chest; Six, Marina, Eight and Nine are attacked by a mutant Mogadorian beast and are shocked to discover that Five has been working for the Mogadorians.  


In Chicago, Ella is in a comatose state which infects Four when she touches him. Five persuades the other Garde that they should retrieve his Chest, claiming he may have an object in it that will help - successfully initiating his plan to separate the Garde in order to weaken them and leave the Penthouse vulnerable.

The five remaining Garde travel to Florida and rent a hover craft. Once in the area of Five's hiding place, the Garde are attacked by a three headed alligator-creature.


Suddenly Five (in steel form) punches Six hard in the head, knocking her out, he holds Marina and Eight with his telekinesis while he turns one of his arms into rubber, grabs Nine and holds him underwater. 

Five told them how he had come across the mogs and how they had taken him in. Then he pulled Nine out of the water and threw him spine first into a tree and summoned the mutant alligator on Eight who fought it. Marina tried to get to Six, but Five held her back claiming she would never understand. He also revealed that Nine's penthouse is getting trashed by mogs as they were speaking, as 'The Great Leader' wanted Ella, horrifying Marina.

Nine threw a tree branch at Five, distracting him from Marina, giving her a chance to heal Six and Eight managed to finish off the beast.

Nine used his mind to pull out his pipe staff, but Five in his steel form catched it, snapped it in half and tried to kill Nine, but Eight stood between and tried to calm Five down. Marina realized that Five had the two balls that changed his skin, so she used her telekinesis to break open his hand, making him drop the balls.

Five started to cry at his defeat and Marina and Eight tried to confort him, but Nine shouted out 'Crying like a girl now?!', angering Five, so he shoved Eight aside and flew towards Nine with a blade in the hand, attempting to kill him, but at the last second Eight teleported between them and the blade drove right into Eight's heart. He's stumbled towards Marina with his hands outstretched and collapsed. His death was confirmed as the scar burned across the others ankles.

Marina rushed over to Eight's body and immediately tried to heal him, even though he's dead. Five showed complete remorse at what he'd done, as he tried to comfort Marina, a Mogadorian Ship decended from the sky, implying that Five had them as backup waiting. Suddenly an enraged Marina started to get the icy feeling of her legacy, but different somehow and 'comforting'. The area around them started to radiate cold and Five got chilly. Icicles shot out from the ground, one impaled Five's foot and another shot straight into his face, taking out one of his eyes.

'If I see you again you traitorous bastard, I'll take the other fucking eye!'
---- Marina to Five after injuring him with her new Legacy.

Six, now recovered, had Nine over her shoulder and shouted for Marina to leave. Before their departing Marina saw Eight's body enclosed in the ice, she wanted to take him with her, but with the mogs closing in there wouldn't be enough time.

Marina run to Six, grabbing her hand and they turned invisible.


Eight is dead, Five lost an eye and has a limp, Marina has a new Legacy, Eight's body is taken by the Mogadorians, Four wakes up from the comatosic state, Ella gets captured by the Mogadorians.



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