Brett Temple is a young American actor who portrayed Number Four in The Fall of Five book trailer.

Brett Temple is a dedicated and ambitious actor, dancer, singer, and model with experience in musical theatre, plays, modeling, writing, and film. He is currently studying at the East Brunswick School of Art, NJ.

Temple has been cast in book trailers, a music video, a Justin Bieber parody, and more through his Backstage profile. He was also cast in his first feature, “When the Moon Was Twice as Big,” in which he plays Michael, a smart and tech-savvy kid; and a book trailer for “Light,” the sixth and final book from Michael Grant’s New York Times best-selling “Gone” series. In the 'Light' book trailer he plays the infamous Drake Merwin, a popular but disliked character. Temple is  obsessed with horror and is hoping to land more roles in that realm.