Caleb Crane is a Human-Garde enrolled in the United States Military Academy. He has two Legacies; Telekinesis and Duplication. Until Patience Creek is attacked, Caleb uses his duplication Legacy to create a twin brother for himself, calling the duplicate "Christian." When the Piken Mog attempts to kill Caleb, John, Sam, Walker and Lawson, Caleb sends "Christian" to attack, and after Christian is revealed to be a duplicate of Caleb, Lawson encourages Caleb to create two more duplicates to attack the Piken-Mog. After they escape the facility with Number Five, Daniela and others, John and Six order Caleb, Nigel and Ran to lead the Human-Garde as the leaders of tomorrow. John also gives Caleb the Chimæra Regal, who lands on his shoulder in hawk form.

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