Canada is a North American country consisting of ten provinces and three territories. It is the world's second largest country by total area. Though no major events occur in Canada, the country has been the temporary home of Number Five and Number Six whilst in hiding with their Cêpan. During the mogadorian invasion of earth a warship goes over Toronto

Lorien LegaciesEdit

Montreal, QuebecEdit

Number Five and Albert moved to Canada when Five was around 6 and lived in a small cottage near Montreal for six months to a year before the Mogadorians found them. Albert fought them off with a shotgun and a broken shovel and quickly moved along.

Canada is Five's favourite place to live and he initially planned to go back there after Albert's death.

Appalachian MountainsEdit

After Montreal, Five, known as Carson, and his Cêpan were camping in the Appalachian Mountains when he first notices Albert's cough and the dark hollows under his eyes. Albert decides to move south towards the United States, believing his illness is due to the cold climates that they can been living in.

Nova ScotiaEdit

Number Six and Katarina lived in Nova Scotia when One was killed and her scar burnt into the ankles of the remaining Garde, Six was training by herself on a pommel horse and lost her balance.

Six remembers playing in the snow with the neighbours St Bernard, named Clifford, riding him and pretending she was a hero shortly after Katarina had told her about her future and called her a warrior. Clifford suddenly chased and caught a rabbit, Six rescued it but had to kill it out of mercy which saddened her.