This category is for all Loric Legacies, superhuman abilities given as gifts from the planet Lorien.

The following is a summary table of the Legacies that the last remaining Garde, as well as Setrákus Ra, possess. The Garde are represented by their numbers; Two, being too young to develop any Legacies before she died, is not included in the table. The humans area all the people that Legacy / Entity has given legacies too, the name says who the human with the power is eg. Sam or Daniela.

Legacy One Three Four Five Six Seven Eight Nine Ella Others Ra Remarks
Aeternus X Loridas X
Animal Telepathy X X Bertrand
Antigravity X
Dreynen X Ra
Earthquake Generation X Adamus Adamus has this Legacy as One transferred it to him.
Externa X
Healing X X
Hydrolocomotion X
Invisibility X
Legacy Transference X The Xitharis stone has similar properties.
Lumen X
Mt. of Elements X
Mn. of Fire X
Mn. of Ice X
Mn. of Temperature X
Night Vision X
Physical Enhancement ALL XAll Garde are physically enhanced.
Precognition X XX See note 1
Rapid Regeneration X
Shapeshifting X
Size Enhancement X
Sonic Flight X
Stone Gaze X Daniela
Super Hearing X
Super Speed X X
Super Strength X
Telekinesis ALL ALL HUMAN GARDERa All Garde possess Telekinesis.
Telepathy X See note 2
Teleportation X
Underwater Breathing X
Ximic X PITTACUS LORE Could lead to possession of all legacies
  1. Unlike the other three, Four can also see past and simultaneous events. Eight can see the future. Nine has only witnessed the same dream as Four and Eight, when they were told to go to New Mexico. Ella's precognition comes in the form all forms as she can see possible future events as she becomes one with her mind and Legacy / the entity this makes her be able to enter other thoughts if she is in a close proximity, generated when she was being experimented upon by Setrákus Ra.
  2. Activated in LL3 when Ten successfully communicates with Six and Four. In LL4, Nine and Marina received a tip-off from Ella during the match of Capture the Flag. It is unknown if the remaining Garde (excluding Ella) can initiate telepathic conversations between themselves, or whether any telepathic conversations may be intruded upon by Setrákus Ra.

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