My gaze drifts towards a teenaged girl with a curly mane of auburn hair as she dances to the music, her hands thrown over her head, not a care in the world.

–Ella, The Fate of Ten (Vision)

Celwe was a Loric Cêpan and the wife of Setrákus Ra. She has one child, Parrwyn, and is the great-grandmother of Ella.

Biography Edit

Life and Marriage Edit

Celwe and Setrákus Ra first meet before he is appointed Elder and at some point after the Quartermoon where he sees her dancing and takes and instant liking to her - eventually plucking up the courage to speak to her. The two eventually fall in love and marry.

Their relationship become strained after Ra returns from battle on Mogadore and is appointed a Loric Elder. He soon becomes obsessed with his project of mining and processing the power of Lorien. Pittacus Lore arrives at their house to find it trashed after an argument. Celwe shows disdain towards Ra's Elder title and tells Pittacus about his projects, expressing her concerns of what he might become.

Later Life Edit

Celwe, who was raised to believe that Loric mate for life, follows Ra in his exile to Mogadore where he becomes their Beloved Leader. Years pass and Celwe grows old but Ra's expertise in fertility and genetics makes it possible for her to give birth to a child, Parrwyn. He sends Celwe with their daughter to Lorien, not wanting his only child to be raised among Mogadorians.

Pittacus is elated to see Celwe and embraces her, telling her they should return to Lorien as he believe Ra's crimes would be forgiven. Celwe tells him that his crimes didn't stop, evident by the blackness in the veins on her neck, and that he has become the leader of the Mogadorians. She warns him that he will one day return to Lorien, but not to seek forgiveness.

Celwe would have returned to Mogadore where it is likely she spent the rest of her life.

He will come back one day, Pittacus. You know that, right? Except it won’t be like you imagine. He won’t be seeking forgiveness.

–Celwe, The Fate of Ten