Charm Casting
Possessed By Loridas, Setrákus Ra
Primary Function Various Charms with varying effects.

"Loridas took him by the hand and laid him down in the sole remaining part of the circle. The other children all looked on as Loridas began to perform some kind of ritual."

(Sandor, The Last Days of Lorien)

"The energy coalesces into a crackling orb in front of Setrákus Ra's hand, hovers there for a moment, and then zip towards me."

(Ella, The Revenge of Seven)

Charm Casting, is the ability to perform enchantments with varying effects and is a legacy of Lorien.

Known Charms mainly involve protecting members of a group of two or more Garde by creating a specific order in which they can, exclusively, be killed.

Other known charms have been used to ensure a Loric Chest can only be opened by specific people, with specific conditions. It is stated, by Setrákus Ra, that there are different types of charm which work differently and each have their unique weakness. For example the Loridas Charm is broken when two members of the Garde came together.

Known UsersEdit


See: Loridas Charm

When the Nine chosen Garde were gathered on the airstrip, Loridas performed this Charm on them. The Charm initiated when they separated on Earth and ensured that they could only be killed in order of their number as long as they remained separated.

Setrákus RaEdit

See: Setrákus Ra's Charm

Setrákus Ra is able to create a charm which he refers to as the Mogadorian Charm. It burns a similar scar into Ella's ankle and ensures that no one, apart from Ella, can hurt him. When Ra is hit, the pain is transferred to Ella as seen when Ra is stabbed in the shoulder.