Chicago is a City located in Illinois, a State in America. Chicago is the home of Number Nine and Sandor for many years and is later used as a safehouse by the rest of the Garde.


Sandor and Number Nine lived in Chicago for around five years. Having grown rich from selling their Loric Gems, they lived in luxury in the John Hancock Center penthouse. This soon came to an end when Nine, using his iMog, tracks a lone Mogadorian, whilst running along the lakefront, and lures him back to the penthouse where a device in the elevator kills him - this would alert the Mogadorians of their presence in the area. After agreeing to meet Maddy (a human girl), Nine is later ambushed by Mogadorians and participates in a highspeed car chase through the streets of Chicago.

Sandor begins training Nine with the Lecture Hall that he designed. However, Nine is infuriated when Sandor makes reference to him as a gadget and he runs away to Maddy's house where it is revealed that the Mogadorians had kidnapped her parents and she was forced work with them. They are both taken to the Mogadorian Mountain Base. (Nine's Legacy)

Nine later returns to Chicago with Four after escaping the custody of FBI agents Walker and Purdy, here they discover the use of the White Tablet and fight over who they think will inherit the powers of Pittacus Lore. (The Rise of Nine)

Nine and Four leave but later return with the rest of the Garde and Sarah following the Battle of Dulce and their near defeat. With the reunion of Sam Goode, his previously missing father Malcolm and Number Five, the Garde begin to grow stronger as a group, learning more about their inheritance and training together.

Marina and Eight grow closer and go on a date in the city, as does Four and Sarah, though the latter run into some Mogadorians along the way. Four defeats them and confiscates the document that they had come to collect. Later Ella and Four both fall into a coma-like dream state and the rest of the Garde, feeling helpless decide to travel to the Everglades to collect Five's Loric Chest.

In the mean time, Mogadorians descend, focusing their efforts on capturing Ella. A battle ensues and the penthouse is mostly destroyed. Sam, Malcolm and Sarah leave the building while Four collects some crucial items and tries to find Bernie Kosar. He is soon introduced to Adamus who had just escaped from Plum Island. (The Fall of Five)

Places of InterestEdit

John Hancock CenterEdit

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Windy City WallEdit

The Recreational centre that Nine goes to and meets Maddy. He continues to attend so that he can see her.


Nine and Maddy go here on their first date and they become closer.