Dark Gloves
Origin Lorien
Owner Number Seven
Properties Dark gloves
Function Sonic Boom

The Dark Gloves are items from Lorien found in Marina's Loric Chest.

Initally when Marina tries them on they glow like John's Lumen.

At Ashwood Estates, when the Garde are about to separate into two groups; one to New York and the other to Calakmul, Marina gives the dark gloves to Nine. Although he doesn't know how to use them, he is fond and keeps them on. As they are about to storm Bud Sanderson's hotel room, Nine claps his hands in excitment and a Sonic Boom is released, shattering all glass, in it's radius, knocking over a civilian and alerting the Mogadorian Guards. Four has to heal the group's ears from the damage caused by it.

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