Possessed By Setrákus Ra, Ella, Pittacus Lore (Ximic)
Primary Function Prevents legacy usage in a certain area

"He raises one hand. There's a crackle of blue across my vision, and then suddenly I'm falling, rapidly. My Legacies aren't working."

(Number Five, Five's Betrayal)

"Blue electricity shoots from his hand and crackles along the ceiling of the room and I feel myself turn visible. Once again, he's taken away my Legacies."

(Number Six, The Rise of Nine)

"'I pick up a piece of metal from the floor. I dunno what it is exactly, a broken piece of sword maybe. When I touch it, it starts glowing in my hand.'"

(Ella, The Fall of Five)

 Dreynen is a Legacy which allows the user to cancel out another Garde's Legacies. It is said to be one of the rarest Legacies from Lorien. Legacy cancellation is achieved, in it's most basic form, through charging an object and having said object make contact with the target. When fully developed Dreynen can be used through charging the individual molecules in the air.

It has been seen in two forms, either glowing red (when objects are charged with the power) or blue lighting. An initial performance of Dreynen can be counteracted by the use of the power from another source. Such as when Setrákus Ra used Dreynen in Dulce, with Ella from a distance unaffected by it was able to counteract the Legacy by charging an object and throwing it at him.

Known UsersEdit

Setrákus RaEdit

Ra uses this power at Dulce, first on Number Six and then again later on the rest of the Garde all of which struggle to fight without their legacies. During the battle, however, Ella picks up a broken piece of metal to throw at Ra and un-intentionally causes it to glow red. It latches on to Ra and counteracts the cancellation of the Garde's legacies.

Ra later explains the Legacy to Ella, claiming it to be one of the rarest Legacies. His power is the most advanced form which allows him to charge the molecules in the air and create a forcefield in which the Garde cannot use their Legacies, except Ella who is simply immune or because Setrákus Ra chose not to affect her. It can also be because the molecule-based version of Dreynen might not work on other Dreynen users, I.E. Ella. Perhaps the charged object version of Dreynen only works on Dreynen users.


During the Battle of Dulce, Ella is seen with what looks like a Red Dart which she throws at Setrákus Ra and stops his Legacy Cancellation. Ella later explains that she had picked up a piece of metal to throw at Ra but it began to glow in her hands. When telling Four about what had happened she says she does not want it to happen again as it felt wrong.

Ra later explains that Ella's red charge is the ability to cancel Legacies, like his. Ella was immune to Ra's Dreynen and is able to take away his powers in New York, giving Four and Nine an advantage. 

Pittacus Lore Edit

Those with the title of Pittacus Lore are able to replicate this Legacy using Ximic. The Pittacus of the Lorien Era demonstrated the ability to copy Dreynen when talking with Loridas about the execution of Setrákus Ra. Using this Legacy, Ra had previously gotten the better of Pittacus who tells Loridas that it will not happen again and shows him by cancelling his Aeternus and returning him to his true age.


  • Dreynen might be related to the word "drain," referring to the Legacy's ability to drain other Legacies.

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