Planet Earth
Situation Northeast Africa
Climate hot desert climate
Language Arabic (various)
Egypt is a country in the northeast of Africa. Its monuments, such as the Giza Pyramid Complex and the Great Sphinx were constructed by an ancient civilization, which was one of the most advanced of its time. This was greatly influenced by more developed alien races such as the Loric and the Mogadorians.


Giza Edit

Loric gave humans the tools to build the pyramids as claimed by Pittacus Lore, though it was believed by Katarina that most of the pyramids were built by the Mogadorians.


The Second ship that travelled to Earth, from Lorien, crash landed in the Egyptian Desert. It was virtually destroyed and buried under the sand. (The Garde later discovered a signal indicating that the ship was still in Egypt shortly before the Battle of Dulce.

Crayton, Ella, Lexa and Zophie, who had been on the second ship, travel to the city of Giza where they recuperate after their year and a half journey to Earth. They sell some of Ella's family jewelry but the Loralite attracts the attention of the Mogadorians and Crayton and Lexa are ambushed inside the pawn shop. They manage to escape but are aware they need to leave.

Cairo Edit

The group travel to Cairo and prepare for their trip to the United States (in order to track the blog post which spotted the first Loric Ship). However, Crayton decides to leave the others with Ella and one of the Chimæra, named Olivia. Lexa and Zophie remain in Cairo until they purchase fake passports which allow them to leave the country.

Key LocationsEdit

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