Many of these contents uses are unknown so far. There are also various rocks in his chest that are also in Marina's.

Glass RingEdit


Curved AntlerEdit

A beacon for all Chimæra, used by BK to call the others in the Fall of Five. One of the 9 Phoenix Stones meant to restore Lorien.

Black ClothEdit

Shimmers blue and red at Eight's touch.


This piece of gold is the length of a pencil. In a demonstration, Eight holds it above his head, then snaps his wrist. It then expands out and down (like a scroll) while Eight stands behind it. Eight does star jumps behind the scroll and then teleports away leaving a duplicate of himself still behind the door, starjumping.

Green CrystalEdit

This green crystal, when activated, creates a massive wind storm. In The Rise of Nine, Number Eight uses it to move water out of the way so Marina, Ella, and himself can get down to the Loralite at the bottom of the ocean to teleport.