The Final Battle for Earth is the climax of the entire series, and the final stand for the Garde and their allies. It marks as the end of the War between Mogadore and Lorien, and the end of Mogadorian Progress.

Prelude Edit

Battle Edit

John, Five, Marina, Nine, and Bernie Kosar fight their way into the Mogadorian base inside the mountain in West Virginia. John and Five kill a flying, acid-vomiting Augmented Trueborn.

Setrákus Ra stands up from a vat of black sludge at the bottom of the mountain. He traps BK in a sphere of black sludge. John takes his legacies and stabs him with the Voron dagger. The wound it leaves is healed by black sludge.

As John and Five fight him, Ra drowns Five in the vat. After an attempt from Nine to stab the mass of black sludge over Ra’s heart with the Voron dagger, Ra absorbs both the dagger and Nine’s arm.

Marina inadvertently realizes his weakness as she brings him pain with her healing legacy. She carries Nine out of the mountain at John’s request.

John receives grievous injuries at the hand of Ra and passes out after managing to return Ra to the state of an old Loric, weakening him immensely. Six comes inside the mountain and decapitates Setrákus Ra as he attempts to crawl towards the vat. She brings John out of the mountain with BK’s help and tells Adam to bombard the base.

Aftermath Edit

Casualties: Edit

  • Setrákus Ra was decapitated by Number Six after being severely weakened by Number Four
  • Phiri Dun-Ra was killed by Adam after he attached himself to her Augmented arm.
  • Dust died from a combination of Battle wounds sustained by Phiri Dun-Ra and the strain of pulling Adam from a ravine.
  • Thousands of Vatborn were killed by the group, along with several Piken

Trivia: Edit

  • Adam and Five are both almost killed and are temporarily presumed deceased, however the Epilogue reveals that they survived.
  • Marina and John are temporarily emotionally scarred by the events preluding to and this event.
  • Number Nine lost an arm.