In the beginning we were a group of nine. Three are gone, dead. There are six of us left.They are hunting us, and they won't stop until they've killed us all. I am Number Four. Before they come for the others they will come for me.

-Number Four

Number Four, better known as John Smith, is one of ten Loric Garde who were evacuated from the planet Lorien during its Invasion by the Mogadorians, and one of the last remaining Loric Garde alive.

He was born to Liren and Lara on Lorien, he was quickly recognized as strong of heart and chosen to grow into the powers and title of the leader of the Lorien Elders - Pittacus Lore. He was assigned a Cêpan, Henri, at an unusually young age - a safeguard in case The Elder's Prophecy ever came to be.

 Physical AppearanceEdit

John is noted to have shaggy dark blonde hair, kind blue eyes, tan skin, a strong jaw line, and a strong nose.


Early LifeEdit

Number Four spent his early years on Lorien, and was raised by his Grandparents. He remembers a carefree childhood playing with his Chimæra, Hadley, and visits from his father, Liren. Four was recognised at an early age as a particularly gifted Garde and was paired with his Cêpan Henri before the age of eleven.

When the Mogadorians begin to invade the planet, arrangements are made to evacuate the future Elders. Four is taken to an airstrip, where the Loridas Charm is placed on him and the other Garde and they are flown to Earth.

On Earth, Four and Henri separate from the others and go into hiding. Four is asleep in a small town in Arizona when the Mogadorians find and kill Number One. The pain is so intense that it wakes him from his sleep. Henri moves himself and John to Minnesota the next day. Two's death happens in the middle of a spelling bee in Colorado when he is twelve. The heat that is emitted by the scar is so intense that John's sock catches on fire and the Police are alerted.

Life on the Run and Paradise Edit

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Death of the Third Edit

See: Onslaught in KenyaFour was fifteen when Number Three is killed, his scar begins to form while he is at the beach in Florida talking to a pretty girl named Tara. With the death of Number Three, Four is aware that he is no longer protected by the Loridas Charm and is the next in line to be killed. The next day Henri and Four pack up and leave for Paradise, Ohio.

Paradise and First Legacy Edit

Henri and Four move into 17 Old Mill Road on the outskirts of the town and Four attends the local high school under the alias ‘John Smith’. On his first day he meets Sarah Hart who greets him and takes his picture. He also meets Sam Goode, a small nerdy kid who warns him about getting involved with Sarah because of her ex-boyfriend, the school bully Mark James. This day also marks the first time that Bernie Kosar makes his presence known, in the form of a beagle.

John’s first lesson is Astronomy. As he enters the room, he is tripped over Mark and confronts him in front of the class. Soon he notices his palms starting to glow and burn - his first Legacy developing - and sends Henri an incoherent text and tries to get away as quickly as possible when the bell rings, even running away from a fight with Mark in the halls. He locks himself in the photography room until Henri comes to get him.

The next day John spends more time with Sarah and she apologizes for the trouble that Mark has been causing him. At home, Henri and John begin their training by opening the Loric Chest and using an oblong crystal to spread his Legacy throughout his body, during which John has visions of the slaughter and pain of the Mogadorian Invasion of Lorien. Henri explains that they were careless and easily defeated. Startled by a scratching at the door, they find the beagle waiting outside and take him in, discovering a collar with the name Bernie Kosar.

During further training, Henri tells John about his family – his grandparents and his father – as well as what happened when they left Lorien. John sees a second Loric ship in a flashback, though Henri dismisses it as impossible.

Shepard Falls Edit

Henri, John and Bernie Kosar (dressed as Superman) attend the Paradise Halloween Parade. They meet Sam and he and Henri share alien conspiracy theories until Sam mentions a story that he read in They Walk Among Us about a race called the Mogadorians who are on a quest for universal domination and are on Earth. Caught off guard, Henri tells John he must get hold of a copy of the publication for them to investigate.

John joins Sam, Sarah, and Emily Knapp on a haunted hayride. In the middle of the woods, they are unloaded and must walk the rest of the way in the dark. The group are ambushed by Mark James’ group of friends. John is repeatedly tackled while the others are taken. John gets angry and fires up his Legacy, fighting his way to Shepard Falls where he knocks most of Mark’s friends into the brook and forces Mark to apologize to Sarah and promise not to mention the incident to anyone.

On the way home, John and Sarah share their first kiss. Meanwhile, Sam is shaken by the incident and the things he witnessed John do, including the lights from his palms. John tells him were a Halloween prop that he stole from Kevin, slightly pacifying Sam.

First Mogadorian Encounter Edit

When Henri does not return from the They Walk Among Us publication office in Athens, Ohio, John fears the worst and decides to go after him. He enlists the help of Sam and his dad's car to get to the address Henri had given him. On the way, John admits to Sam his alien identity, regaining his trust. Once they arrive at their destination, John uses his recently developed Telekinesis to break into the office and disable the They Walk Among Us writers present. While searching for Henri, John notices several notes about the Garde around the world. They find Henri tied up in the basement. After interrogating one of the writers, they find out the Mogadorians are coming to take Henri. They quickly escape the Mogadorians and return to Paradise.

House Fire and Exposure Edit

While at a party at Mark James' house, Sam and Emily accidentally knock over a lamp while making out, causing a fire that engulfs the house. John goes after Sarah, who is trapped in the house after attempting to rescue Mark's dogs. They escape when John launches them through a second story window and uses his powers to stop them from crash landing. Unfortunately, this act is caught on camera by one of the partygoers and uploaded to YouTube. After seeing the video, Mark has a change of heart about John.

While at school, John receives a fax, asking him, "Are you Number 4?". Through a window, he sees Henri pulling up to the school. Knowing that Henri has found out about the fire, John races him home, only to find Mark there warning them about their exposure and demanding answers. Defying Henri, John goes back to school, knowing Sarah is in danger.

Battle of Paradise High School Edit

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Sarah's Death

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Lorien Legacies Reborn Edit

Not much is known about John's activities after the defeat of the Mogadorians, although it is known that he has plays a part in the running of the Human Garde Academy and lives in a compound in the Himalayan Mountains.

Rescue of Taylor Cook Edit

About a year after Patience Creek, John is in Canada for unknown reasons and is called to Turner County, South Dakota, after several heavily armed costumed zealots raid Taylor Cook’s farm. She calls the Human-Garde hotline in North America and explains that she is in danger. The operator then calls John Smith, who travels to Turner County. He arrives at the start of a firefight between Taylor’s dad, Brian, and several costumed zealots. He uses telekinesis to stop the bullets and tells everyone to drop their weapons. Brian listens, but the zealots do not and the preacher who is leading them tells them that John Smith is the devil. John then removes the guns from the harvesters' hands and sends them flying towards their vehicles. He then orders the harvesters to lie on the ground. Some flee while others comply. He then makes sure that Taylor and her dad are okay and then begins to sign autographs for the police.


See: Number Four: Legacies

John's first obvious Legacy is Lumen, which begins to develop with lights in his palms while at school. This later evolves into the ability to create and manipulate fire. His Telekinesis manifest later than expected when he accidentally breaks Sarah's camera so that he can avoid his picture being taken.

John later realizes his ability to communicate to animals, his true first Legacy, during the Battle of Paradise High School, when he establishes a psychic connection with Bernie Kosar and convinces a Piken to turn against its masters.

During the Battle of Dulce, John seemingly develops Recupero to heal Ella and Sarah. John later realizes this is in fact due to his master Legacy Ximic, which gives him the ability to use any Legacy that he observes. From then on, he uses his Ximic extensively to gain the Legacies of his fellow Garde.

Loric ChestEdit

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Like the other nine Garde, Four is given a Loric chest filled Loric items of varying uses and qualities. Four's chest includes a diamond bladed dagger, a red bracelet that can expand into a shield when it senses danger, and a Xitharis - a Loric gem that can be charged with any Legacy and passed on to another.

Relationships Edit

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In his early life, Four was raised by his grandparents, though his father often dropped by to see him. After the Mogadorian Invasion, he is raised by Henri, his Cêpan, who protects him during his time on Earth until he was killed by Mogadorians.

One of John's most faithful companions is his Chimæra Bernie Kosar who follows him from Lorien on the Loric Ship and finally reveals himself in Paradise.

John is also very fond of his human friends, particularly Sam Goode, his best friend, and Sarah Hart, with whom he falls in love. He also has a close relationship with Six, the first of the Garde that he meets and has spent some alone time with Nine having rescued him from the Mogadorian mountain base. John cares greatly for the remaining members of his race and assumes a leadership role in their battle against the Mogadorians.

Appearances Edit

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John Smith is the central protagonist of the Lorien Legacies which introduces him in the first novel, I Am Number Four. He is later revealed to be the member of the Garde to inherit the powers of Pittacus Lore, the Leader of the Elders. He has made minor appearances in several Lost File Novellas as well as in the debut novel of the Lorien Legacies Reborn, Generation One.

Portrayals and Other Versions Edit

Despite the Lorien Legacies' limited adaptation in other media, Number Four has been portrayed by three known individuals.

  • Neil Kaplan is a voice actor who reads the part of John Smith in all seven audiobook versions of the Lorien Legacies Novels.