Four's Loric Chest
Origin Loric
Owner Number Four
Properties Wooden Box, Loric Carvings
Function Stores Four's Inheritence

Four's Loric Chest traveled with Henri and Four whilst they traveled around the United States of America after escaping the Invasion of Lorien.

History Edit

When Four develops his first Legacy, Lumen, the Chest can finally be opened and while Henri decides to open it, he only retrieves one item (the oblong crystal) which he uses to help spread the heat resistance throughout his body. Later he also retrieves the Glass Orbs, the Healing Stone and Loric Salt.

After Henri's death, Four, Six, Sam open the chest and examine the items within. Four discovers the Xitharis, the Diamond Bladed Dagger and the crystal ball that makes Four and Six feel sick. Soon after they discover Malcolm Goode's secret chamber, the group are ambushed by Mogadorians who steal Four's chest and take it to the Mogadorian Mountain Base. Four, using the Xitharis charged with Six's invisibility, successfully infiltrates the base and retrieves his chest (and another's) after battling Mogadorian creatures guarding it.

Four's chest, and the majority of its items, were taken to The Sanctuary and given to the Entity.


The Film's version of Four's Loric Chest

Items Edit

Oblong Crystal Edit

Main article: Lorien CrystalA 6-nch long, 2-inch thick, perfectly smooth and oblong crystal. It is described as being clear on the outside, with a cloudy center. Henri uses it in I Am Number Four to spread John's fire resistance from Lumen throughout his whole body.

Healing stone Edit

Main article: Healing StoneDescribed as being a dark flat rock. It has the ability of healing a Loric or Human but only if the injury was done with the intent to harm or kill. The pain of healing is double that of the original pain caused by whatever has happened. The Healing Stone must be used right away, or it won't heal the injury.

Loric Salt Edit

Main article: Loric SaltDescribed as small round stones. The Loric Salt slows and numbs the effects of the Mogadorian weapons. It grants a short burst of energy that runs out once a Legacy is used.

Glass Orbs Edit

Main article: Glass OrbsThese stones are thrown in the air then take the form of what the planets look like in the Lorien solar system at that moment. When either a Loric softly blows on the stone representing Lorien, or when Four shines his Lumen on it, the Stone will then show how Lorien looked before the attack. It also acts as a macrocosm, which can be used to locate other Garde with their Chests open, or communicate with other Garde with a Red Crystal.

Diamond Edged Loric Dagger Edit

Main article: Diamond Bladed DaggerA dagger that is about 4 inches long and has a blade made of a material like diamond. It will mold to Four's hand and wrist like the Mogadorian's gun do to their user. It can cut a Mogadorian Sword in half.

Xitharis Edit

Main article: XitharisDescribed as being a pale, yellow, oval-shaped stone with a surface that is waxy and smooth. Made out of a mineral that comes from the first moon around Lorien, it has the ability to temporarily transfer Legacies between members of the Garde. Its effects last for about an hour.

Crystal Ball Edit

Main article: Crystal BallA perfectly round ball, the size of a ping pong ball. It's function is not confirmed however, Four describes the feeling when touching it as his stomach compressing and acid crawling up his throat.

Star-Shaped Talisman Edit

Main article: Star-shaped TalismanMentioned, same pale blue color as the Loric Pendants, indicating that it is made from Loralite.

Brittle Leaves Tied with Twine Edit

Main article: Brittle Leaves Tied with TwineWhen touched by someone Loric, it produces a wind which is suggested to be from Lorien. It is hinted to be one of the Phoenix Stones.

Red Bracelet Edit

Main article: Red BraceletA red bracelet that forms a shield and protects Number Four from projectiles when it senses danger

Sustenance Edit

Main article: SustenanceA blue cube that produces ice cold water when placed in the mouth.

Mentioned Items Edit

*Black Diamond

*Pearl Stone

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