Sub-species Human-Garde
Abilities None, with the exception of Human-Garde
Planet Earth
Enemies Mogadorians
Status Highly polluted and warm, has harbored extensive Mogadorian presense and last known Loric survivors
Humans, also known as Earthlings, are the dominant species on the planet Earth, found in the Milky Way Galaxy. Humans are humanoid, the same as the Loric and Mogadorians.

Notable HumansEdit


  • The humans have been on the planet since it began. It has however been said that the Loric have visited the humans throughout the years and helped them out. The Loric gave the humans fire and basic tools to help them survive.


  • Many humans will now receive legacies, including Sam and several hundred teenagers chosen by the Lorien Entity. This is because Number Six, Marina, and Adam have restarted Lorien on Earth.

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