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Mark James
Mark James is the ex-boyfriend of Sarah Hart. He was a Senior, and the star quarterback, at Paradise High School at the time that John (Number Four) attended and was instantly jealous of the relationship he formed with Sarah. Mark later redeems himself by fighting along side Number Four and Number Six during Battle of Paradise High School and remains in Paradise when they leave. After the battle Mark becomes involved with online alien conspiracies and investigates the intentions of the FBI which have swarmed the town. Read more...

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    IANF-PJO Correlation

    September 1, 2014 by Mcoury

    Okay, so I bet some of us on this wiki (including myself) have read the I Am Number Four and Camp Half-Blood series. Well, did y'all know that there are a lot of similarities?




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    (Some spoilers from Hidden Enemy and TRo7) I feel like the only person who's noticed and I kinda like Five now. He killed like two Generals and tried to save Ella and attacked Setrakus Ra cause he wa…

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    The Lorien 10

    What do you guys think about Humans getting Legacies now, Or about Eight coming back to life for a while?

    What Lorien Legacies characters do you think your most like? I would think I'm most like Numbe…

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