Identity Band
Origin Lorien
Owner All Loric Citizens
Properties Generally plain band
Function Contains individual Biosignatures
Secondary Function Locator (Upgraded version)
Each Loric Citizen is issued with an Identity Band which contains a digital biosignature for each individual. The average ID band is described as a plain band with circuitry inside and looked almost like regular jewlry.

The band's known functions mainly include scans for example: alerting the school Truency Register of a pupils presence and giving access to nightclubs for those who are of age.

Two variations of the Identity band are known; The first is an upgraded version of the standard band, these have a small digital interface, buttons and locator and are notably larger and heavier than the standard. The second variation is the counterpart to the locator feature of the upgraded band, once synced to it the upgraded band will be able to locate the other at will. These were used by the Cêpan of the nine chosen Garde and were put into place when the LDC became suspicious of the violet beam of light that had randomly appeared on the Lorien skyline, encase of an attack.

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