India is a country on the planet Earth, located in southern Asia. It was the long term home of Number Eight after his Cêpan Reynolds moved them there at some point after landing in New Mexico. Whilst there, Eight's Legacy of Shapeshifting allowed him gain a following of security who worshipped him as they believed him to be a incarnate of Vishnu, a deity of the dominant religion, Hinduism.


New DelhiEdit

At an unknown point after arriving on Earth, Reynolds and Number Eight travel to India and live in New Delhi. Reynolds soon meets Lola and falls in love, telling her all his and Eight's Lorien secrets. They settle in India and Eight soon begins to discover his legacies. He discovers Teleportation when Reynolds was about to get run over by a taxi and Eight appears next to him to push him to safety. During the mogadorian invasion of earth New Delhi was attacked and eventually destroyed by a mogadorian warship

Himalayan MountainsEdit

Lola causes a strain between Eight and his Cêpan but suggests a trip to the mountains. It is revealed that Lola had been working for the Mogadorians for gold and leads them straight to Eight and Reynolds. Lola and Reynolds are killed but Eight is protected by the Loridas Charm. He escapes but the Mogadorians steal his Chest. Eight says in the mountains where he trains by himself. He soon discovers that he can shapeshift which helps him gather food. Eight wanders the mountains and comes across a spiritual man name Devdan who somehow unerstands Eight's potential power and trains him in martial arts and mastering his Legacies. One day, however, Devdan disappears and doesn't return. Alone again, Eight comes across Commander Grahish Sharma and the group that would become the Vishnu Nationalist Eight, who identify Eight as Vishnu and worship him.

Having heard of a boy who can do extraordinary things in India, Crayton takes Ella, Marina and Six to New Delhi where Eight has foreseen their arrival and sends Sharma to collect them. On the journey to Eight, the group is attacked but eventually make it to Eight's location. He tests Marina, Six and Ella to make sure that he can trust them. After Marina finds Eight's Loric Chest amongst the wreckage of a crashed Mogadorian ship, Eight shows the group a Loric Cave that his visions helped him find. Inside is a large Loralite rock and many cave drawings which are prophecies relating to the Garde. Most notably the deaths of One, Two and Three and even Eight himself with a sword wound. They are ambushed by Mogadorians and Crayton is killed before Eight teleports the others away.

Key LocationsEdit

  • Loric Cave - Created by Loric, containing one of few Loralite boulders in the world and cave paintings foreshadowing events of the last remaining Garde/