Prelude Edit

(Add details here) Adam goes to Plum Island and sees that there are Chimæra in there being expiremented on.  He thinks that this is unright so he helps all of the Chimæra escape except for two, who were to genetically modified.  But, he barely escapes and only can when all of the Mogs are called away to attack the John Hancock Center

Infiltration Edit

Rex and Adam approach Plum Island and Rex retends that he has reprimanded him. The Mogadorians put him in a cell while his father is called. After two days, during which Andrakkus Sutekh is called to Adam, Rex manages to free Adam and guides him to the Chimærae. The first two Chimærae have been badly tortured to the point of mutilation and insanity and they are forced to leave them behind. They find five other Chimærae (Stanley, Biscuit, Gamera, Regal, and Bandit) and set them free, they try and escape but the alarms are sounded. Rex  leaves Adam, telling him that he has fulfilled his promise to help him and that he understands that he has his reasons for what he is doing but cannot go any further as he belongs with the Mogadorians. 

Aftermath Edit

At the command centre on the top floor another alarm is sounded stating that the location of the Garde has been found in Chicago. Hours later Adam is driving to meet them while frantically trying to reach Malcom on his cell phone. He manages to reach Sam and warns him that the Mogadorians are coming.

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