The Mogadorian who tortured and eventually killed Katarina, worked for the Mogadorian Mountain Base in West Virginia.

Six describes him as handsome, in a bland way, with a compact but strong build and notes that he resembles a surburban dad or the manager of a neighbouthood store with the voice of a salesman.

After three days alone in her cell, the Mogadorian sends for Six and chains her to the wall, facing Katarina. He uses a razor blade and slices Six's cheek, hoping that she is Number Three. However, his own cheek splits and pours with blood thanks to the Loric Charm.

Two days later, the Mogadorian sends for Six again and threatens to torture Katarina, who is barely conscious, in front of her. Six speaks, hoping Katarina will be spaired and lies about being Number Eight. The Mogadorian then proceeds to stab Katarina through the heart with a glowing, colour changing blade.

In the months after this Six is subjected to a range of attempts against her life, no doubt on Katarina's Executioner's orders, all of which fail because of the charm. Eventually Six develops her Invisibility Legacy and escapes her cell. Before she leaves the base, however, she returns to Katarina's Executioner and slits his throat.