Kelly Sutekh is the natural-born daughter of General Andrakkus Sutekh and Susannah, the younger sister of Adamus Sutekh and sister of Ivanick Shu-Ra by adoption. She shares a passion for Loric bloodlust inherited from her family, much unlike her brother Adam. 

Before Adam's coma Kelly is a young girl full of energy, and is shown to have already developed a hatred for the Garde. She grows a fondness for Pikens and other Mogadorian creatures and she is seen playing with a Build-a-Piken toy set when Adam awakes. By this time she is three years older and has grown quite a bit, a shock to Adamus. (The Fallen Legacies).

At some point before Adam returns from being stranded in Kenya, following the reveal of his betrayal, Kelly starts an afterschool program at the Nursery (also known as the Piken pens in the lower complex of Ashwood Estates), where pikens are bred and conditioned for combat. She claims she will be a trainer when she graduates. Rather than being relieved, Kelly claims she is embarrased by her brother's "death" which is made worse for her when Adamus shows up alive. She is callous towards him and refuses to eat dinner with him. She eventually reveals that Ivan had told her what had happened in Kenya, that Adam is a traitor, she wishes him dead and storms away to her room, slamming the door behind her. (The Search For Sam).

Kelly was evacuated from Ashwood Estates, along with the other residents, after the underground tunnels are partially destroyed by her brother's Earthquake.

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