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Legacies are gifts from Lorien. The limit of Legacies is not yet known; however, there is knowledge of certain Legacies which are listed below.

Overview Edit

According to The Fate of Ten, Pittacus Lore has mastered 74 Legacies, though it is unknown whether that includes all Legacies, or for that matter, all of those listed in this article.

Legacies can be roughly grouped into four categories - based on the mental, material, physical effects or combinations they do.

Legacy group Legacies
Mind Animal Telepathy, Insect Telepathy, Persuasion, Precognition, Sensior, Technopathy, Telepathy, Manipulation of Time.
Matter Manipulations of Electricity / Fire / Ice / Light / Sound / Temperature / Weather Elements; Bomb Creation, Earthquake Generation, Energy Blasts, Force Fields, Healing, Lumen.
Physical Aeternus, Antigravity, Charm Casting, Dreynen, Duplication, Enhancement, Externa, Hydrolocomotion, Impenetrable Skin, Invisibility, Night Vision, Rapid Regeneration, Shapeshifting, Sonic Flight, Stone Gaze, Super Hearing, Super Speed, Super Strength, Teleportation, Underwater Breathing.
Combined Telekinesis, Legacy Transference, Ximic.

Mind Legacies Edit

Animal TelepathyEdit

See: Animal Telepathy

The ability to communicate with animals through indirect speech and mental imagery. This Legacy is known to be possessed by Number Four and Number Nine.

Insect Telepathy Edit

See: Insect Telepathy

The ability to control Insects. Bertrand had this Legacy.


See: Persuasion

A Legacy exists with this name, however the extent of the power is unknown. It presumably involves the ability to talk another into acting or thinking in a particular way.


See: Precognition

The ability to perceive the possible future on its current course. It can manifest in dreams or visions. It is said to be a rare legacy and has been seen in varying strengths, from foreseeing events in the near future to 'glimses of the threads of destiny'. Precognition is possesed by a Garde known as The Oracle, who saw visions of the impending war against the Mogadorians, Nine's Grandfather, Number Eight, Ella and possibly Number Four.


See: Sensior

A known Legacy which presumably involves the control of another's emotional state.

Technopathy Edit

See: Technopathy

A Legacy that allows the user to control and manipulate electronic devices and data.This is used by Sam


See: Telepathy

A Legacy that allows a Garde to transfer thoughts or images to have conversations with another person using the mind only. Ella and Number Four has developed this ability.

Time Manipulation/ChronokinesisEdit

See: Time Manipulation

A Legacy exists with this name, however the true exent of this power is unknown. No known Garde currently possess this Legacy.

Matter Legacies Edit

Bomb Creation Edit

See: Bomb Creation

Possessed by Ran, this Legacy allows the user to turn inanimate objects into red, pulsing bombs.

Elemental Manipulation/Weather ControlEdit

See: Elemental Manipulation

The ability to physically control the four basic elements: fire, water, air and earth. Users can also mix these elements to create storms, generate lightning, and control the weather. This ability is held by Number Four's father, Liren, and Number Six.

Earthquake Generation/SeismokinesisEdit

See: Earthquake Generation

The power to create earth tremors. This was developed by Number One and was passed on to a Mogadorian, Adamus Sutekh, through a memory transfer device.

Energy BlastsEdit

See: Energy Blasts

Icy cobalt blue energy produced from the hands that can be used as a physical attack. This Legacy is seen in action by Number One as she watches a Garde battle a Piken, shortly before departing for Earth.

Force Fields/Energy FieldsEdit

See: Force Fields

A known Legacy, though the extent of the shield projection is unknown.


See: Healing

The ability to heal any organism from any physical wound or illness, unless the subject is deceased. This Legacy is possessed by Marina. It is also used by Number Four, presumably whilst using Ximic.

Light ManipulationEdit

See: Light Manipulation

The power to manipulate visible light including spectrum and contrast. It can be used to create dazzling light shows or make it hard for an enemy to see. Devektra, a famous Garde performer and RaylanElla's Father, are Garde that are known to have this ability.


See: Lumen
Four-Lumen 1

Lumen is the ability to produce beams of light from the hands. It later manifests into a resistance of heat and fire, and is the foundation to the Legacies of light and fire manipulation.  Number Four has this ability, as did his Grandfather.

Manipulation of Electricity/ElecomunEdit

See: Elecomun

The ability to control and generate currents of electricity. This power is known to be possessed by Ella's mother, Erina.

Manipulation of Fire/PyrokinesisEdit

See: Manipulation of Fire

The ability to generate and control fire. A Legacy in itself but can also manifest from Lumen. Known users include Number Four and a Garde child on Lorien, called Samil, who accidently set fire to the Lorien Defense Academy.

Manipulation of Ice/CryokinesisEdit

See: Manipulation of Ice

The ability to generate and manipulate ice in all forms, effectively lowering the surrounding temperature as well. Marina develops this Legacy in anger after Eight is killed. John's father also appeared to have this ability.

Sound ManipulationEdit

See: Sound Manipulation

The ability to create and manipulate sound waves. The famous Garde performer, Devektra, had this ability which she used alongside her Light Manipulation.

Temperature Manipulation/ThermokinesisEdit

See: Temperature Manipulation

It is the ability to alter the temperature of one's surroundings, either making it hot or cold. Sandor recalls a story of a young Garde who froze herself to death in the bath due to this Legacy. Marina is known to radiate cold following the development of her Ice Manipulation.

Physical Legacies Edit


See: Aeternus

The ability to shift between the ages through which a Garde has already lived. (This is not strictly a Legacy; it is said to be an ability some Garde are born with). It is possessed by Ella and Setrákus Ra, and also an Elder named Loridas. It might be possessed by John.


See: Antigravity

The ability to manipulate gravity so as to be able to walk up walls and across ceilings, referred to as Antigravity. This Legacy is possessed by Number Nine.

Charm CastingEdit

See: Charm Casting

The ability to perform enchantments with varying effects. Loridas and Setrákus Ra are the only two known to have this ability.


See: Dreynen

A Legacy that cancels out the Legacies of other Garde. This ability is possessed by Setrákus Ra and Ella, although Ella's appears to be more powerful; she is immune to Ra's while he is not immune to hers. Despite this, Ella can only channel her Dreynen into solid objects that she touches, while Ra can charge the very air with his Dreynen.

Duplication Edit

See: Duplication

A Legacy that allows the User to create duplicates of themselves. Additionally, Number Eight had a scroll in his Chest that allowed him to make a duplicate of himself. Also possessed by Caleb.


See: Enhancement

Gained by all Garde. It gives enhanced speed, strength and senses.


See: Externa

The ability to take on the properties of materials a Garde touches (i.e. metal, wood, glass, stone, etc.). Number Five has this ability.


See: Hydrolocomotion

A Legacy that allows a Garde to walk on water. Possessed by Number Eight.

Impenetrable SkinEdit

See: Impenetrable Skin

A Legacy with this name exists, although the true extent of this ability is unclear. Has not yet been seen in action.


See: Invisibility

A Legacy which allows a Garde to render themselves unseen by others. It can also be spread to objects and people that come into contact with the user's hands. Four's Grandfather and Number Six are Garde who own this ability. And Number Four for a very brief period of time in the Fate of Ten, presumably caused by the Ximic. Four took on this legacy in the final book.

Night VisionEdit

See: Night Vision

The ability to see in the dark as if by candlelight. Marina has this ability.

Rapid RegenerationEdit

See: Rapid Regeneration

Rapid regeneration is a known Legacy which allows rapid healing from wounds and injuries inflicted. Currently no known Garde has shown this ability; however, signs of it were briefly shown in Number Six after her ordeal in the Dulce desert and battle with Setrákus Ra. Number four develops this in the last book and it is sped up by his healing power


See: Shapeshifting

The ability to morph into forms of other living beings, even to the extent of mythical religious beings such as the avatars of Vishnu. Number Eight has this ability.

Sonic FlightEdit

See: Sonic Flight

This Legacy includes anything from minor hovering to flight and sonic speeds. Flight appears to be a common Legacy as Four sees many Loric flying in his visions of the Mogadorian Invasion. Ella's mother, Erina, had this Legacy as well as Number Five.

Stone Gaze Edit

See: Stone Gaze

Stone Gaze is an unnamed Legacy that allows the user to shoot a silver beam out of their eyes, and anything hit by the beam is turned to stone. Daniela Morales, a Human-Garde, possesses this Legacy, and Number Four used it with her using Ximic. It requires a lot of strain while using it.

Super HearingEdit

See: Super Hearing

Further enhanced hearing. Number Nine is known to possess this Legacy.

Super SpeedEdit

See: Super Speed

Ability to move very fast, almost faster than what human eyes can see. Marina and Number Nine have shown speed superior to the other Garde.

Super StrengthEdit

See: Super Strength

The strength of Garde with this Legacy is enhanced further than other members of their race. Number Nine has shown on many occasions that he has superior physical strength.


See: Teleportation

The ability to move instantaneously from one location to another without physically traversing the distance between. Accuracy is inversely proportional to distance travelled. Great distances are reached with the presence of Loralite. Number Eight developed the ability of Teleportation.

Underwater BreathingEdit

See: Underwater Breathing

The ability to breathe underwater. Possessed by Marina.

Legacies with combined properties Edit


See: Telekinesis

Telekinesis is a Legacy that all Garde possess. It is the ability to move anything with the mind, and exhibits both mental and physical properties.

Legacy TransferenceEdit

See: Legacy Transference

This ability allows a Garde to transfer Legacies to others, or transfer a Loric essence to humans, allowing them to use Loric items. Possessed by Number Nine.

Ximic Edit

An extremely rare Legacy that allows the user to copy any Legacy that they have seen and memorized. Pittacus Lore used this against Setrákus Ra when he copied Ra's Dreynen. Pittacus and Number Four have developed this extremely rare Legacy. One of the most powerful legacies.

Notable Garde and Legacies Edit

The following table lists the Legacies possessed by the ten Loric Garde, as well as several other major characters. Appended in brackets (if any) is the specific novel / novella in which they acquired that Legacy.

Garde Mind Legacies Matter Legacies Physical Legacies Composite Legacies Remarks
Ten Loric Garde
Number One Earthquake Generation (TLF3) Enhancement Telekinesis Her dead body (and therefore her Legacies) were preserved by Mogadorian scientists after her death, until Adam destroys the facility in TLF4.
Number Two Died at age 12, too young to have developed any Legacies.
Number Three Enhancement; Super Speed (LL1) Telekinesis
Number Four Animal Telepathy (LL1); Precognition (LL3); Telepathy (LL7) Lumen (LL1); Mn. of Fire (LL2); Healing (LL4); Invisibility (LL6); Sonic Flight (LL7); Mn. of Ice (LL7) Enhancement; Stone Gaze (LL6); Dreynen (LL7) Telekinesis (LL1); Ximic (LL6)
Number Five Persuasion? (TLF7); Sonic Flight (TLF7); Externa (TLF9) Enhancement Telekinesis (TLF7)
Number Six Mn. of Weather Elements (TLF1) Enhancement; Invisibility (TLF1); Rapid Regeneration (LL3) Telekinesis (TLF1)
Number Seven Persuasion? (LL4) Healing (LL2); Mn. of Ice (LL4) Enhancement; Night Vision (LL2); Super Speed (LL2); Underwater Breathing (LL2) Telekinesis (LL2)
Number Eight Precognition (LL3) Enhancement; Hydrolocomotion (LL3); Shapeshifting (LL3); Teleportation (LL3) Telekinesis
Number Nine Animal Telepathy (TLF2); Precognition (LL3) Enhancement; Antigravity (TLF2); Super Strength (TLF2); Super Hearing; Super Speed Telekinesis (TLF2); Legacy Transference (LL2)
Ella Telepathy (LL3); Precognition (LL4) Aeternus (LL2); Dreynen (LL3) Telekinesis
Newborn Garde
Adamus Sutekh Earthquake Generation (TLF4) Legacy directly transferred from One's dead body.
Sam Goode Technopathy (LL7) Telekinesis (LL5) Developed after the Loralite and its powers were spread across the Earth in LL5.
Daniela Morales Stone Gaze (LL6) Telekinesis (LL6)
Nigel Rally Telekinesis (LL7)
Ran Bomb Creation (LL7) Telekinesis (LL7)
Bertrand Insect Telepathy (LL7) Telekinesis (LL7)
Fleur Telekinesis (LL7)
Caleb Duplication (LL7) Telekinesis (LL7)
Loric Elders
Setrákus Ra Force Field Manipulation (LL3) Charm Casting; Dreynen (LL6); Rapid Regeneration (LL3); Shapeshifting (LL3); Size Enhancement (LL3) Telekinesis

Summary Table Edit

The following is a summary table of the Legacies that the various characters possess. The Loric Garde are represented by their numbers.

Legacy Ten Loric Garde Older Loric Garde Loric Elders Newborn Garde Remarks
Aeternus 10 Loridas
Animal Telepathy 4, 9 Bertrand
Antigravity 9
Charm Casting Loridas, Setrákus
Dreynen 10, 4 Setrákus
Earthquake Generation 1 Adam Adam received this Legacy from One through a Mogadorian science experiment.
Elecomun Erina
Externa 5
Force Field Manipulation Setrákus
Healing 4, 7
Hydrolocomotion 8
Invisibility 4, 6
Legacy Transference 9 The Xitharis stone has similar properties.
Lumen 4 Four's Grandfather
Mn. of Elements / Atmokinesis 6 Liren
Mn. of Fire / Pyrokinesis 4
Mn. of Ice / Cryokinesis 7
Mn. of Light / Photokinesis Devektra, Raylan
Mn. of Temperature 7
Night Vision 7
Physical Enhancement All All All Presumably all All Garde are physically enhanced.
Precognition 4, 8, 9, 10 The Oracle, Nine's Grandfather See note 1
Rapid Regeneration 6 Setrákus
Shapeshifting 8 Setrákus
Size Enhancement Setrákus
Sonic Flight 5, 4 Erina, Zane
Stone Gaze4 Daniela
Super Hearing 9
Super Speed 3, 7, 9
Super Strength 9
Telekinesis All All All Presumably all All Garde possess Telekinesis.
Telepathy 10, 4 See note 2
Teleportation 8
Underwater Breathing 7
Ximic 4 Pittacus
  1. Unlike the other three, Four can also see past and simultaneous events. Eight can see the future. Nine has only witnessed the same dream as Four and Eight, when they were told to go to New Mexico. Ella's precognition comes in the form of nightmares that began in LL4, possibly manipulated by Setrákus Ra.
  2. Only Ella seems to be able to initiate conversations, while Four, Six, Marina and Nine were seen to have received

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