{{character |birth = Unknown, Lorien |death = Lorien, Mogadorian Invasion |race = Loric |pwrs/abil = Legacies |fam = Number Four (Son) Liren (Husband)

Four's Grandfather

Four's Grandmother

Lara was the mother of Number Four and the wife of Liren. She was described as reserved and a little shy.

She would have been raised by her Grandparents and assigned a Cêpan to aid her through the development of her Legacies. It is presumed that she married Liren and the two conceived a child who was chosen by Lorien to become a next generation Lorien Elder.

Lara and Liren were good friends with Arun and Lyn, the parents of Number Six.

Lara died fighting the Mogadorian invasion.                                                    

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