Liquid Loralite is a substance in liquid form that can transform into Solid Loralite.

A slim vial of crystal clear liquid is an item that was found in Marina's Loric Chest. Its function was discovered during an Inventory of the Garde's chests with Malcolm Goode.

The vial was cool to the touch and briefly transforms to the shade of Loralite when it comes into contact with the air or comes in close, but not direct, contact with someone from Lorien; A brief trail of blue appears when Marina runs her fingers down the side of the vial but seems inactive when Malcom Goode holds it.

Marina pours a drop of the liquid onto her hand and feels a tickling sensation spread across her palm. The droplet was said to have quivvered and expanded, gaining mass and density until it had transformed into a smooth nugget of Loralite.

It is most likely Marina's Phoenix Stone and it is confirmed that it has been dumped into the Sanctuary.