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Exterior Side View of Terrax Cruiser

The Loric Ship, also known as an LDC Terrax-Class Cruiser, was the first of two ships that made it off Lorien safely when the Mogadorians launched their lethal attack. It carried nine chosen young Garde and their Cêpan, a Chimæra named Hadley, as well as the pilot, Janus.


The ship was described as a sleek and silver vessel, and is supposedly bigger than an airplane. Directly underneath the cockpit of the ship was a concealed weapon that released energy blasts strong enough to vaporize an enemy.

According to the Loric, the inside of the ship was an open, round area, but can be split into holographic partitions for the passengers' privacy and fantasy. So far, the known partitions are the canteen, a lavatory, a large and central training and recreation area, a quarantined autodoc, and the barracks and living quarters.

The walls of the ship are made out of a plastic material like a huge touch screen. The barracks and living quarters have cots that rise from the floor when a symbol is drawn into the wall.

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Interior Aerial View of the Terrax Cruiser

Journey to EarthEdit

It took this ship a year to make it to Earth (after waiting in orbit for a week). The passengers were met by a group of Greeters, human guides, upon their arrival.

Once on Earth, Janus tried to find a hiding place for the ship. He piloted it to the mountains in New York where he stayed for a while. He was spotted and a photograph was posted online, drawing the Mogadorians to him. Janus and the Terrax Cruiser were subsequently found and taken.

It was implied that the ship was in possession of the government by Agent Walker when she acknowledges its location to the Garde during the Battle in Dulce. Prior to this, John and Nine see a triangle in Dulce, on the White Tablet, which they believe represents the Ship.

When Lexa returns to Dulce after her failure of infiltrating the base years before, she finds the ship and flies it out to Yellowhammer Ranch. Eventually she takes it to her location in Georgia when the Terrax Cruiser's energy crystals discharge completely.

Lexa, with help from Mark James and Sarah Hart, manages to get the ship running on Earth's primitive fuel. John informs them to take the Loric Ship to Calakmul, Mexico, where Number Six, Marina, and Adam are. Lexa lands the ship, and after the Battle for The Sanctuary, they fly away from the Anubis as the warship gives chase.