Malcolm's Journal
Owner Malcolm Goode
Function For Malcolm's thoughts
Malcolm's Journal is a Lost Files bonus containing journal entries of Malcolm's thoughts, between rescuing Sam from the Dulce Base and meeting up with the Garde.

Journal EntriesEdit

Entry 1 - Malcolm is finally reunited with his son Sam.

Entry 2 - Malcolm comments on his memories which are slowly returning.

Entry 3 - Malcolm talks about Sam's mother, Beth.

Entry 4 - Malcolm wonders to what extent the Mogadorians damaged his memories.

Entry 5 - Malcolm is worried about Adam.

Entry 6 - Malcolm worries that the Mogadorians found something crucial in his mind and starts to see the hopelessness of their situation against them.

Entry 7 - Malcolm is about to meet the last surviving members of the Loric race and vows to help them in any way he can.

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