Manipulation of Fire
Possessed By Number Four, Pittacus Lore, Samil
Primary Function Creation and Control of Fire

"I aim the Lumen at my feet as I run and they catch on fire. The flames climb up my legs and engulf my body just as I reach the first Soldier. When I jump, I'm a fireball that burns right through him."

(John, The Rise of Nine)

Pyrokinesis is a Legacy that allows the user to create and control fire in all its forms, from small bonfires to bubbling hot volcanic lava. It also gives the user immunity to heat allowing them to engulf themselves in flames and prevent enemies from approaching.

When the Legacy first starts to develop, flames appear in the outstreched palm of the owner. The fire will bubble and smoulder before exploding into a puff of smoke. Those who possess this power are said to be decendants of Pyrré, though what or who this is is unclear.

Pyrokinesis can develop on its own or can be a natural extension of Lumen, stemming from its immunity to heat and fire, and ability to generate light which is further extended to creating fire.[1]Pyrokinesis is also a facet of Sturma.

Known UsersEdit

Number FourEdit

Four's Pyrokinesis seems to be connected to his Lumen. He first discovers that he can manipulate fire/or lava in the Mogadorian Mountain Base when fighting against the Mogadorians and their deadly beasts; He dips his hand into the Green Lava and pulls some out, it begins to hover over his hand in a perfect flaming ball.

In Chicago, Four and Nine fight on the roof. Four allows sparks from an electricity box to catch fire and consume his body in flames. He is then able to create fireballs to throw at Nine. It also works as a manner of protection, as when Nine kicks him in the chest he burns the bottom of his feet.  

In a vision, Four points his Lumen at his feet which sets them on fire and the flames travel up his body until he is engulfed. He later copies this actions for the same effect, whilst storming the tunnels of the Dulce base. Four's Legacy is further developed in Dulce to point where he is able to produce his own fireballs from his hands.


Samil is a young Garde training at the Lorien Defence Academy who uses his Legacy that he could not yet control and accidentally sets the academy on fire, trapping himself inside. His Cêpan Vatan is extremely worried and Sandor recalls talk of horrific accidents that happen to Garde with powerful Legacies that they cannot yet control.

Pittacus LoreEdit

Has all Legacies.