Melanie Jackson, daughter of President Arnold Jackson, is a Human-Garde who met Malcolm in the President's bunker in DC. So far, the only Legacy she has is Telekinesis.

Biography Edit

Not much is known about Melanie Jackson. Malcolm Goode came in to her room after her "vision" and she confessed to her father that she had seen John Smith in said vision. She also showed her father and Malcolm that she had Telekinesis by lifting a water bottle without touching it. She thought there was something wrong with her, until Malcolm informed her that his son, Sam Goode, has the same thing happening to him. Melanie then told her father that she had to help John, much to his disapproval.

She is kept safe from the Mogadorians later on.


As a Human-Garde, Melanie Jackson has Legacies.


Like all Garde, Melanie has Telekinesis

Super Strength Edit