Mexico is a federal constitutional republic, south of the United States of America. Mexico is the brief home of Number Six and Katarina. During the mogadorian invasion of earth a warship goes to Mexico City and captures a garde. The city is then later destroyed when Setrákus ra orders the warships to fire at the cities. This would've resulted in many deaths.


Number Six moved to Mexico after she and Katarina slipped on their backstory. Though they were the only whites in the area and stood out, they managed to hide effectively. Six and Katarina lived in a shack surrounded by farmland. They spent many hours training together.

After one particular day of training, Katarina agrees to play board games though she is soon caught up with a news story from London about a bus explosion. Soon after Number Two posts on a blog, calling out to the other Garde. Katarina reluctantly allows Six to reply but shortly after Two is killed and her scar burns itself into Six's ankle.

Soon after, Katarina and Six swiftly move away from Mexico.

Key LocationsEdit


The Elder's Sanctuary is located here, in the Mayan Temples. The Sanctuary is a safe haven in Calakmul, Mexico for the Loric. It was built by the Mayans centuries ago and is still there. It is protected by ancient power, which Mogadorians adversaries will not be able to set foot on its grounds, without being severely burned. Only the Garde are allowed to enter it. Setrákus Ra collects the fallen Garde's pendants with hopes that they will be able to be used to get in the Sanctuary. Six, Marina, and Adam journey there and speak to the Lorien Entity, which results to what Marina says to be Lorien spreading through Earth. It is later destroyed in The Fate of Ten during the Battle for the Sanctuary.