Mind Control (Mogadorian)
Possessed By Mogadorian Scouts (weakly), Weapons used by Mogadorian Soldiers (greater effect)
Primary Function Forces victim to see Death and Terror

Two Types:

  • Initiated when victim stares into the black eyes of a Scout. Hard to look away.
  • The weapons of Soldiers, particularly their cannons, destroys elements to charge and has the same effect as a result.
Mogadorian Mind Control is possible through the destruction of elements in the world. Mogadorian scouts have learnt to use it weakly with their minds, while the Soldiers rely on their weapons to produce a greater effect.



The Mogadorian Scouts, who can use this ability, usually wear sunglasses and remove them to perform the mind control. John, Henri and Sam first learn of this ability through the editors of They Walk Among Us, the conspiracy magazine. The Mogadorians had used it on them so that they would take them seriously. The editor says that he couldn't look away and describes seeing death of himself and those he knows and loves. He witnesses the terror of things that scared him as a child; toys coming to life with sharp teeth and razor blade claws which he could feel as they ripped into his flesh and the blood that poured from the wounds.

John briefly experiences it at the beginning of the Battle of Paradise High School, when he looks into the black eyes of a scout, he is unable to move and sees pictures from the Mogadorian invasion of Lorien; death, tears, screams, blood and piles of burning bodies. The spell in broken when Six lifts the scout with Telekinesis.


The cannons used by Mogadorian soldiers in the battle of paradise drain the surrounding area of life, reducing them to a pile of ash. As a result they produce the same mind control effects that the scouts can produce weakly with their minds, but greater.