The blade ignites in a silver flame as it points to the sky, as if it’s coming alive, sensing its mission and grimacing in anticipation. And as it falls, an arc of light speeding through the blackness of the jungle

Mogadorian swords are primarily used by Mogadorian Soldiers.

They are made from a pulsing white metal that is unlike anything found on Lorien or Earth. Mogadorian swords are able to fire daggers from the end that casts bright light as it fires towards its target. The daggers have paralysing capabilities and once they hit a target, they continue to drill into the victim.

The swords themselves are incredibly powerful and just a tap can knock the target flying over 50 feet. The Mogadorian that uses the sword seems to be able to control the pulsing as if it were alive as well. Number Four said that the dagger it shot out exploded and took them to an alternate realm where Four's powers were dimmed and the Mogadorian's abilities were enhanced.

During the Battle of Paradise High School, one soldier's sword changes from silver to ice blue and blue flames erupt from it as the Mogadorian swings it towards Number Four. The Metal of the Mogadorian sword seems incompatible with the Loric metal of Four's Crystal Dagger as the contact of the two produces a blinding white light and the Mogadorian sword is sliced in two.