When Setrákus Ra had begun the "Progress" to change the way legacies were given out on Lorien, he had his base of operation on the Mountains of Feldsmore. Here he mined the Loric power from the ground and experimented on willing test subjects

When Pittacus Lore ventured to Ra's home to find Setrákus Ra's wife Celwe in the home, which had been been a mess, she told him that they got into a fight and that he had project that was for her. She told this to Pittacus, hoping that he would bring Ra home. When Pittacus arrived at the site he was greeted by a man with pale skin who brought him to Ra, where Ra had expected him and greeted him while extracting energy from Lorien itself, Pittacus confronted Ra and Ra used his Dreynen and beat Pittacus into retreat.

This is also where Pittacus went to execute Ra and ultimately failed and doomed Lorien in the process. This is also where Pittacus would return every Quartermoon and where Ra's daughter Parrwyn would be given to Pittacus by Celwe.

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