Nigel Barnaby, nicknamed Nigel Rally, is a Human-Garde who appears in Hunt for the Garde, The Fate of Ten (though not by name), and United As One. He is from London, and is described as having a spiky mohawk. He is seen in Hunt for the Garde fighting off many Mogadorians in Niagara Falls with FleurBertrand, and Ran. The Mogadorians attacked after Nigel and the other three Human-Garde upload a video of themselves onto YouTube. This video also attracted the attention of Number Six, Sam, Ella, Daniela, and Lexa. After being recruited by them with the other Human-Garde, he trains with Number Nine and Number Six, as well as Daniela Morales and Caleb in Patience Creek. When Phiri Dun-Ra and dozens of Vatborns attack Patience Creek, Nigel and the others fight back. He, Fleur, Ran, and Bertrand disarm and kill many Vatborns with their telekinesis. He and the others stop when they see John, and Phiri Dun-Ra uses six icicles to impale and kill Fleur before she can react, and burns Bertrand alive with a fireball. An enraged Nigel opens fire on Phiri, and she twists his gun to backfire in his hand. Ran is brave enough to pick up an injured Nigel and get him and herself to safety before Phiri can kill either of them.

After the Garde rescue them at Patience Creek, they go to an area outside of Pittsburgh to drop off Lawson and the other humans. Nigel, Ran, Caleb, and Daniela are sent away to lead the remaining Human-Garde as the future defenders of Earth. John also gives them the five Chimærae to look after them. Nigel becomes acquainted with Bandit.

Appearances Edit


Legacies Edit

Being a Human-Garde, he has a few Legacies of his own.

Telekinesis Edit

The first Legacy he gained, all Garde and Human-Garde have this Legacy.

Sound Manipulation Edit

After the attack on Patience Creek, Nigel gains this Legacy.

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