Nine's Loric Chest

Bag of Soil Soil from Lorien that can grow anything.

One of the 9 Phoenix Stones meant to restore Lorien.

Pipe-Staff / Joust Rod Initially the pipe-staff looks like a plain silver piece of pipe but when used by Nine, it extends and is used as a weapon. Four describes it as expanding viciously to become over six feet long, red-glowing staff ending in rotating blades.

On Lorien, they were used in jousting events.

It was broken in half by Number Five near the end of The Fall of Five.

Red Rock/ X-Ray Stone The red rock is placed between the knuckles and when the fist is aimed, produces an x-ray allowing vision through objects, most commonly walls and doors. Nine passes the rock to Sam so that he could check the Mogadorian prison cells for his father. The Rock was presumed to be left behind in the Mogadorian mountain base along with Sam but is later seen back in Nine's chest.

Green Stones Nine throws a strand of green stones at a flock of transparent birds with razor sharp teeth. The stones form a black hole which suck the birds in. Using his telekinesis he then moves the stones towards oncoming Piken and releases the birds into the Piken's faces.

Spike Ball Round yellow ball covered in bumps. When Number Nine throws it on the floor it bounces back up changing in size getting to shoulder height then shoots out spikes. Normally Nine would be able to control the spikes' direction, but he can only change the color. In The Rise of Nine Number Nine uses the ball to blow open a door to get into a secret government base.

Purple Pebble A small pebble that Number Nine balances on the back of his hand which then disappears, and when he turns over his hand it reappears.

Sustenance In the form of a yellow cube that fills the user's stomach for a while when placed in the mouth.

Red Crystal The same as Marina, Nine has a crystal compass that he speaks into, hoping that those Garde with a Macrocosm Earth can hear him. He speculates that some members of the Garde have the compass and the others have the glass orbs that the compass transmits to.

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