In the beginning we were a group of nine. Three are gone, dead. There are six of us left.They are hunting us, and they won't stop until they've killed us all. I am Number Four. Before they come for the others they will come for me.

-Number Four
John Smith

Number Four, under the alias of John Smith, is the protagonist of I Am Number Four. He is one of the ten Loric children who escaped Lorien. Born to Liren and Lara, John was quickly recognized as strong of heart and chosen to grow into the powers and title of one of the Loric Elders. He was assigned a Cêpan, Henri, at an unusually young age - a safeguard in case The Elder's Prophecy ever came to be.

He is the only character to narrate in every novel.

Physical AppearanceEdit

John is noted to have shaggy dark blonde hair, kind blue eyes, tan skin, a strong jaw line, and a strong nose. He is said to be two inches taller than Six. Prior to the events of The Power of Six, John's hair was cropped. John is said to be very muscular but slightly lean. He is also noted to be very handsome many times throughout the series.


Early LifeEdit

At a young age John escaped to Earth when he was five with the nine other Garde children and their Cêpans. Being Number Four, John was the fourth target for the Mogadorians. The deaths of Number One and Number Two did not affect as much as Number Three's death did, because with the death of Three meant that he was next. Number Four was asleep in a small town in Arizona, close to Mexico, when the Mogadorians found and killed Number One. The pain was so intense that it woke him from his sleep. Henri moved himself and John to Minnesota the next day. John was twelve when Number Two was killed. Two's death happened in the middle of a spelling bee at a school in Colorado. The heat that was emitted by the scar was so intense that it caught John's sock on fire. They were then caught in the same bureaucratic mess that Henri was striving to avoid. John was taken to the emergency room and after the doctor saw the first scar, he had called the police. The police threatened to arrest Henri for child abuse but had to let him go because he was nowhere near John when the second scar formed. Henri moved John immediately to Maine, leaving everything except the Loric Chest.

John was fifteen when Three was killed, and was then living in Florida. The scar that was forming emitted so much heat that it boiled the water around John's leg. At the time he was talking to Tara, a pretty girl from school, who started to freak out when she saw the heat emitting from John's leg. John quickly tried to calm her down, before swimming back to shore. He then ran back to his and Henri's home. As soon as Henri saw him, he knew that Three was dead. Henri and John packed everything for their next destination, and left their false identities behind to burn, and thus headed for Paradise, Ohio.

Three's Death and ParadiseEdit

After 11 years of running and hiding, Number Four and his Cêpan have settled in Florida. He has even made few friends. But when Number Three is killed and a new scar is seared into his ankle he and his Cêpan immediately leave Florida for Ohio. This time stakes are higher since he is Number Four, next in line. Number Four chooses John Smith as his new name and Henri finishes making their new identities and sign documents with their real estate agent, Annie Hart upon arriving on Paradise, Ohio. John unloads the truck and John goes to sleep to prepare for his first day of school.

As John arrives at school, he quickly notices the cliques that everybody belongs to. He also notices Sarah Hart, who is milling among the groups taking pictures. They are soon joined by a beagle, later named Bernie Kosar, who takes an immediate liking to John Smith, but as Sarah tries to take its picture, it slowly backs away. Sarah soon gives up on trying to take the dog's picture. John and Sarah engage in some small talk and soon the warning bell rings. As Sarah leaves, another student, Sam, comes up to John Smith and tells him that he should stay away from Sarah or face the wrath of Mark, her ex-boyfriend. Three's name is Hannu.

First LegacyEdit

After being directed to his period two class, Astronomy, John experiences trouble when Mark tries to trip him as he passes by. Though unexpectedly, John Smith stands up to Mark, silencing him soon after. John Smith spends most of his class admiring Sarah, but before long John Smith's newest Legacy kicks in as his hands begin to glow bright and hot. John Smith attempts to send Henri a text for help, but words it wrong.

John storms out of Astronomy without his pack of supplies and is confronted by Mark, though John Smith begins to lose control of his body and falls back as Sarah stops Mark from moving in on John Smith. John then locks himself in the photography room until Henri could come and help him. Soon after, Henri does come, using an asthma attack as their excuse as he helps John out of the school, Henri then leaves to retrieve John's backpack, only for John to discover that Mark stole his phone.

High School Life and TrainingEdit

The next day John confronts Mark and demands for his phone to be returned, calling Mark out if he didn't do so by the end of the day. John glides through first and second period in silence, but it's at lunch when things heat up. Mark throws some of his spaghetti and meatballs at John, but they miss and hit Sam instead, not hitting John until the second attempt. John then goes to confront Mark but is stopped by one of his friends, Kevin. Kevin then defends Mark, saying that John had to get through him before he could get Mark, and that's exactly what John did as he knees Kevin in the groin. Though John is stopped by the lunchroom attendant, Mr. Anderson, who sends John Smith, Sam, Kevin and Mark to Mr. Harris. Mr. Harris overlooks Mark and Kevin's offenses for the publicity Mark brings the school, and so John and Sam get off saying that for what Mark did and what John did, it all evens out.

John then attends a Home Economics class where he, again, meets Sarah Hart. Sarah apologizes for Mark's behaviour, quoting "We're not together, you know?" They are then both partnered up and make pancakes. They both talk, first about the first day of school then Sarah begs John not to meet up with Mark about the phone. John says he hasn't a choice. After ninth period, Sarah returns to John giving him the phone. John shows it off to Mark, who is left speechless, and returns to the truck.

They drive home and John and Henri both open the loric chest, his only possession from Lorien for the first time. In there is a Loric Crystal that is activated by John's Legacy.

John then lies on top of the wooden coffee table and begins his training. While Henri is running the Loric Crystal up John's arms, John flashes back to the war, slaughter and pain of the war with Lorien and Mogadorian. Henri explains that they were careless and easily defeated. An hour passes and a scratching by the door is heard. Believed to be a Mogadorian, John hides and Henri approaches the door with a kitchen knife. It is only, yet again, the beagle which John has found out to be the name of Bernie Kosar. John bathes him and pets him and Henri claims that they have a new pet. John then goes to bed and observes his phone to see a sign of any corruptions. To his delight, he finds Sarah Hart has added herself to John's contact list.

A new day begins and John, unfortunately, finds his locker fillled with manure. He immediately knows that it is the courtesy of Mark. John reports it to the principal, Mr. Harris, but he doesn't continue the 'investigation'. After a class of astronomy, John does a gym class. He is required to run a mile and whilst doing so, he sees a blur and quickly runs. To his relief, it is only Bernie Kosar. In his next class, he is yet again partnered with Sarah Hart and while baking blueberry muffins, he actually took them out without the mittens and manages to get away with an explanation to Sarah.

Later, John does training with Henri again and experiences more flashbacks. After discovering a second ship, John can hardly bear what he has witnessed. He asks Henri about the ship, however, Henri replies that he doesn't know.

Shepard Falls IncidentEdit

John and Henri attend the Halloween festival. They watch the parades and floats and John meets with Sarah. Henri and Sam have a discussion with each other about conspiracy theories, and Sam mentions the Mogadorians and their whole plan involving Earth. Later at the festival Mark and his football teammates attack John and Sarah, however John fights them off. He also starts dating Sarah after she kisses him. He lies to Henri about what happened in the woods and denies that he had any part of the fight.

They Walk Among Us and Close Call in AthensEdit

John Smith and Sarah Hart

John and Sarah

During Thanksgiving Henri travels to visit publishers of They Walk Among Us. Henri doesn't return when expected, making John worry. He then goes to Sarah's house who is expecting him and Henri for dinner. He makes an excuse since Henri doesn't make it to dinner. Before desert Sarah ushers everyone outside to snap photos. John is nervous about Henri and mentally lists his options to find Henri while contemplating a life without him. His panic causes him to develop Telekinesis and accidentally break the lens of Sarah's camera. After quickly excusing himself he runs to his house and finds out Henri hasn't returned yet. He tries to open the Loric chest to figure out whether Henri is still alive since he remembered Henri mentioning that when he dies John would be able to open the chest on his own. He is relieved to find that the chest remains shut. He quickly dials Sam and tells him he needs help. He practices his telekinesis while waiting for Sam. He says that he thinks Henri is kidnapped and he needs help. Sam agrees to help and they go to Athens in Sam's dad's truck. John makes Sam follow a man who exits the house Henri went to visit while he enters the house and captures a man using telekinesis. He finds Henri tied up in the basement and frees him. The man Sam was following enters with a gun. John manages to knock him out with Telekinesis and Henri is relieved and happy to see he has finally developed another Legacy. A third man enters with Sam and pushes him down the stairs. John manages to catch him with Telekinesis just before he falls to the ground. While there, John learns about the whereabouts of Numbers 7 and 9, who both have the Mogadorians on their trail. They leave just in time to avoid a fight with the Mogadorians. They also learn about a man who captured and tortured a Mogadorian, who gave out information. (This man is coincidentally also mentioned in the fourth Lost files novella.) They explain to Sam who they really are. He accepts the truth calmly and even joins in John's training sessions. 

Mark James' House FireEdit

Later on, he goes to a party at Mark's house, where a fire begins which was most likely caused by Sam and Emily making out. John convinces Mark to give up on saving the house and to get the people out, which they do, except for Sarah and Mark's two dogs who are stuck in an unknown location in the house. He goes in to the burning house and saves Sarah and the dogs by jumping out from the 1st floor window. Later on, he told Sarah about everything from where his from to all the places he has been to. She says she doesn't care that he is an alien and admits that she loves him. John says he loves her too.

Exposure and DetectionEdit

He thought there were no witnesses to him rescuing Sarah. He denies being involved with the fire in any way, lying to Henri again.The next day, a journalist posted a video on the internet of John jumping out of the window. This was seen by the Mogadorians as well as Henri. Mr. Harris congratulates John on saving Sarah and gives him a note that someone has faxed to him. The note contains four words 'Are you Number 4?' (we later learn in The Lost Files: Six's Legacy that Six sent the message, not Mogadorians). Henri comes to school to take John away and run. But John jumps through a window and runs away. He then went back to his house where Mark was waiting for him, immensely suspicious. Henri comes to the house and demands they leave right away. John says Sarah is still at school and he isn't leaving until making sure she is safe and runs away again.
End of I am Number Four

Sarah,John,Mark James,Sam and Six

Battle of Paradise High SchoolEdit

However, it was too late since the Mogadorians already surrounded the school. John finds Sarah hiding in the photography room. They hide in the history room from the mogs where they meet Number Six. Henri along with Mark and Bernie Kosar comes to the school and shoot the scouts. They hide in the Home EC room and formulate an escape plan. Sarah says that there is a hatch in the stadium that leads outside.They encounter another scout and John kills it with Mark's all-conference trophy. When they are outside they discover hidden mogs waiting for them. While John, Six and even BK battle the mogs John tells Mark who has tackled a mog to save Henri to take Sarah back to school and hide. Henri, Six and John retreat back to school when soldiers and their beasts arrive. When they are encountered with a beast John runs out of the building hoping to lead away the beast. However the beast doesn't follow John but is eventually killed by Six. John encounters a soldier and manages to kill him but is seriously injured by a dagger. Sam comes out of nowhere and kills another scout, saving John. Sam disappears after being knocked out by the storm Six created. John then encounters another beast and is too weak to fight it. BK comes out of nowhere and communicates with John telling him to run. BK then starts to grow and fight the beast. John then figures out BK is a Chimæra from his home planet and he has developed another Legacy, animal telepathy, and can communicate with animals. (Technically, he developed this Legacy first just before leaving Florida but didn't discover it until then.) BK is losing the battle and tells John to leave. Mark comes out of nowhere and drags him away, but John manages to kill the beast with a Mog dagger he had.

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Henri appears and they try to make it back to the school where Sam will be waiting with his truck. They encounter another beast and are outnumbered by the mogs. John uses his newfound Legacy to turn the animal on the Mogadorians. But Henri is shot and eventually dies. A lone Mogadorian sneaks up on John, but before he can kill him he is killed by Sarah. John then passes out and wakes up in a motel room with Sarah next to him. Both his and BK's, who had survived the attack, wounds are cleaned and sewn by Sarah. He cremates Henri and promises that he will bring his ashes back to Lorien one day. He then leaves Sarah and Mark behind and goes on his journey to find other Garde with Six and Sam. 

On the RunEdit

John is confused about his feelings for both Sarah and Six. On the way both him and Sam train with Six  while eluding the police. They arrive to the conclusion that the Mogadorians have found a way to open Six 's Chest when, after opening John's they are ambushed. John reads Henri's letter and finds out that the nine have been chosen by the planet as the next generation of Elders and that Malcolm Goode, Sam's father, had been one of the humans to welcome them to Earth when they had first arrived.

Return to ParadiseEdit

After reading the letter Sam gets the idea that his father has left him a clue back in Paradise in the well near his house. They go back and retrieve a white tablet. They are attacked by the Mogadorians who take possession of John's Chest. Six remains to fight the Mogadorians and John goes to take the chest back, but falters when he finds himself near to Sarah's house. Despite's Sam's protests, John meets with Sarah where he accidentally reveals certain incidents between him and Six. She is assumed to have alerted the police of John's whereabouts and both he and Sam get arrested. Four is interogated by Detective Will Murphy who thinks John is being sarcastic when he tells him he is an alien from the Planet Lorien. John is taken to a cell and almost manages to taunt the guard to make him open the door so he can escape. However, Six arrives to help them escape. She announces that she had found out that a Garde is in Spain and plans to go there to help because she feels the Garde is in trouble. While Six goes off to Spain, John is to take Sam to retrieve his and Six's Chests and to look for Sam's father at a Mogadorian hiding place where  Six  had previously been held. Before Six leaves, John and Six kiss and Six confesses to having feelings for both him and Sam. She gives Sam an address where they will meet in two weeks' time. They split in West Virginia.

Infiltration in West Virginia Edit


John uses the Xitharis to share Six's power and manages to find the chest after it expires and after they defeat a Mogadorian beast. They find Number Nine, a strong member of the Garde, who is extremely excited to be out of captivity. Nine has the Legacies of anti-gravity, telekinises, super speed, super hearing, and the ability to transfer his Legacies to others. He is a powerful fighter, but John loses sight of Sam in the commotion as they fight their way out and narrowly escapes before a force field is erected and Sam is trapped inside. At that moment, Nine and Four witness the arrival of Setrákus Ra. John and Nine head north after they find out that the address of the place where they had been supposed to meet Six had remained with Sam. 

Capture and ChicagoEdit

Recovering from running into the blue forcefield at the Mogadorian Base, Four wakes up in an abandoned house and vows to return to the base to save Sam.

Four and Nine look through their chests and with thanks to the Glass Orbs discover that they can track the Loric Chests when they are open (most likely relating to a specific item in the chest that emits a signal when the chest is open), they see that a Garde is in India and another is travelling fast over South America. Shortly after this, Four and Nine are ambushed by the US government and agents Walker and Purdy. They are locked up and transported in the back of vans. They eventually manage to escape but Purdy and Walker (injured) disappear before they can get any real information from them.

Four, Nine and Bernie Kosar get on a train to Chicago to Nine's safehouse in the John Hancock Center. Here Nine finds a special computer lead that plugs into the White Tablet that was found in Malcolm's Office. Here they realise that there is a Number 10, who is in India with three other Garde, while one Garde is still alone in Jamaica. They also find the location of the two Loric Ships in New Mexico and Egypt.

Whilst in Chicago, Four claims that he is the heir of Pittacus Lore, and Nine, annoyed by this, challenges him to a fight on the roof of the Hancock center. Nine ultimately wins when he dangles Four over the edge of the building. Later, Four and Nine have the same dream telling them to go to New Mexico and set off in one of Sandor's cars. Four finds that he can telepathically communicate with Number 10 and they use this to find eachother in the desert. Four, Nine and Bernie Kosar meet with Marina, Eight and Ella (10) and fight off a convoy of FBI armoured vehicles and helicoptors before forcing their way into the Dulce government base.

Battle of Dulce, New MexicoEdit

Inside Four is reunited with Sarah and vows to protect her, before entering a room to search for Six, Four leaves Sarah in charge of watching Agent Walker who has been tied to a light fitting ready to be dealt with later. The present Garde enter the room and find Setrákus Ra disguised as Six who stabs Eight through the chest and takes away their Legacies. Marina is unable to heal Eight and so Four helps her take Eight away from the room, hoping to regain their Legacies. This proves difficult as they are attacked by an army of Mogadorians. Once in the doorway, Four is shot severely three times by a Mogadorian Cannon and falls.

Shortly after, Sarah and Ella enter the room, Sarah clutching a cannon. They get close enough to Setrákus for Ella to throw a Dreynen-charged object at him, restoring the Garde's Legacies. However they are both hit by his Whip and then subjected to Mogadorian fire. Four, in a bad condition losing a lot of blood with broken bones and ripped muscles, drags himself to Sarah's aid. Marina manages to heal him and he gets to Sarah and Ella, miraculously healing both of them as he holds their hands.

Soon after, Six frees herself and is reunited with Four, the team start to regroup and Setrákus Ra flees. Four vows that they will all stay together and fight their way out of the base.

Return to Chicago, Number Five and Reunion with SamEdit

Inside the Hancock Center, John tries to help Ella with her nightmares about Setrákus Ra. The Garde discover the jagged symbol in Arkansas, John volunteers to go with Sarah and Six to find Five. During their journey, John has a brief conversation with Six and she tells him that she wants him to be with Sarah. John is distressed but agrees. Once they reach Arkansas, they meet with Five. John has a brief conversation with him, and describes him as nervous and excited to finally meet one of the Garde. Suddenly, Mogadorians arrive in one of their ships and when John wants to escape, Five declares that he never seen one before, and is shell-shocked. The Loric try to fight off the Mog force and succeeds. However, a gigantic centipede-like creature appears, trying to devour Five and John. John leaps on Five's back while he lobs fireballs at the monster, but is knocked down. The monster is killed by a sniper shot from Malcolm, who has found John and the rest, with Sam. John and Sam embrace, and they all head off towards the penthouse.

Later, the others have arrived at the penthouse. Malcolm reveals to them that he met Pittacus Lore in person, and that he is dead. John trains with the others, and during the "capture-the-flag battle", he is captain of the losing team, as Marina infiltrates his team's defenses and steals their flag.

Setkrákus Ra's VisionEdit

John finds a message written in Mogadorian from a scout, while walking around the penthouse. Malcolm sets out to interpret it using his computer. Meanwhile, Ella is in a coma from a particularly bad nightmare, and when John touches her, he gets sucked in the dream, and passes out too. John sees a vision of the future inside Ella's dream. He is dead, and he sees that Five is working for the Mogadorians, and a newspaper article that says invasion. Ella and Setrákus Ra are both sitting on thrones, and Six and Sam are the only Loric supporters alive. He witnesses Setrákus Ra addressing Ella as his heir. Ella gives command to execute them, and Setrákus chops Six's head off and kills Sam.

Ambush in ChicagoEdit

John wakes up from that vision, alone without Ella, when Eight's scar burns on him. The Mogadorians have arrived, Sam and Sarah are still fighting them. He tries to fight back, but Malcolm is badly wounded. He faces the choice to either heal Malcolm or rescue Ella, who the Mogadorians are trying to capture. Since he knows that Ella is Setrákus Ra's heir and will not die, he chooses to heal Malcolm who is fatally wounded, and the Mogadorians retreat with Ella, who is still in a coma. After the battle, he meets up with Adam who has finally found him. John fights back the desire to kill him, but he is genuinely shocked when Adam shows concern for Malcolm and Sam. He decides to team up with Adam and "win the war with him".

Hideout in Baltimore Edit

After the Ambush in Chicago John is back on the run with Sarah, Sam, Malcolm and Adam, who he met right after the ambush. With them are the Chimæra Adam rescued from Plum Island. John is reluctant to trust Adam and doesn't hide it very much. Things get tense between them when Adam suggests that they should attack Ashwood Estates instead of going to get the remaining Garde in the Everglades. Eventually he agrees to Adam's plan. While searching for news about Chicago, Sarah stumbles onto the They Walk Among Us blog. She figures out that JOLLYROGER182, an editor of the blog is her ex-boyfriend Mark James. With the help of Adam she sends an email to him. Mark responds immediately and asks for help. Sarah decides to go to and find Mark. She then along with Bernie Kosar, whom John found on the roof of the John Hancock Center and healed after the ambush in Chicago, leaves for Baltimore. Before leaving they agree to check in every eight hours and Sarah tells John not to come rushing in just because she missed a check in and John reluctantly agrees.

Attack on Ashwood Estates Edit

After Sarah left, John goes to meet Sam, Malcolm, Adam and the remaining Chimæra and they go to Washington D.C. They strap cameras to the Chimæras' necks who have turned into birds and surveillance the Ashwood Estates. They find it mostly abandoned except for three guards and a salvage team. Adam says they should go in before the salvage team destroys something important. Just before they leave Adam sees his father, Andrakkus Sutekh on the video feed. He tells the others that he is a General and has killed Garde before. John says he'll kill the General. Just before the ambush Adam admits to John that the General is his father and John should kill him, which surprises John. They easily kill the guards and enter the Ashwood Estates. With the help of Sam they manage to kill the mogs that was sent for them. Adam goes to his old house to cut off the mogs' communication where he is caught by his father and is thrown out of the window. John and the General fight but John is reluctant about killing the General in front of his son. The General destroys John's Red Bracelet with his sword; as John stated when fighting the General, he has not seen the mogs wield a sword of power like the General's since the battle in Paradise. The General easily overpowers John but with the help of Dust and Malcolm he manages to make the General run. John follows him into a basketball field where the General activates a force field and says he wants to kill John in peace without being interrupted by his friends. They both fight. John burns the General's face while the General squeezes his throat. Unknown to the both of them Adam deactivates the force field and stabs the General with his own sword through the back. The General had overlooked that while all mogs know the code to override the force field, one of them is not fighting for "the great expansion": Adam. The General dies and parts of him disintegrates. Adam says the General's augmented parts disintegrate and this what Setrákus Ra offers the mogs and humans. John changes his mind about Adam and his doubts about him are gone. Adam says before he shut off the communications he saw some things. He says the invasion is imminent.

Reuniting with the Garde Edit

After taking over the Ashwood Estates John checks in with Sarah who is with Mark in his safehouse. She says that a man named Commander Grahish Sharma in India has captured a mog ship and its passengers. John remembers that he is the one who helped Eight in India. He doesn't tell Sarah about the impending invasion. They hang up and Sam says that Adam has found the others. They goes the underground tunnels of the Ashwood Estates. They find Malcolm who is going through video records of the mogs trying to find some useful information that will help them. They say a video record of a mog saying they planted a story in Buenos Aires to lure the Garde. They find Adam in the control center which Adam describes as the nerve center. Adam says he sent the mogs a message saying that there was a chemical leak in Ashwood buying them some time. He says he tracked the Garde to a base in the Everglades. He takes control of a mog Skimmer and uses its camera to get a visual. They see a mog fleet arriving and Five getting into it. John hadn't told the others about Five being a traitor giving him the benefit of the doubt. But seeing him in a mog uniform confirms his suspicions. Sam is surprised to learn the truth about Five and so is Adam who tells them even he didn't know about it. The mogs who were working on the skimmer pushes it to a hanger where Six, Marina and Nine are. They see them through the skimmer's camera. Sam is ecstatic to see Six alive. John deduces that inside the body bag Nine is carrying is the body of the fallen Number Eight. When Six, Marina and Nine are trapped in the hanger by on coming mogs , Adam quickly fires the skimmer's gun and eliminates the mogs. John talks to Six using the Skimmer's communicator and Adam helps Six navigate the Skimmer to Ashwoods. He fills them in on what they've been doing for the last couple of days.

Agent Walker and the FBI Edit

When the other Garde gets to the Ashwood Estates government vehicles enters the former mog base and points guns at them. After a warning from John, Walker steps out and orders her men to back off. She tells the Garde that she is here to help them. After being dragged inside Adam's former home she tells them that Agent Purdy is dead and explains how his body disintegrated after his death. She tells them it changed her mind about Mogs after that. She tells them of and explains to them about MogPro and tells them how Setrákus Ra has powerful people under his thumb and they are going to hand over Earth in a silver platter in two days. She tells them she and her rogue team of agents came to Ashwood Estates to do something and saw them taking over the base. She and her men came to help when they saw the Skimmer land. She asks their help to kill Bud Sanderson in New York and stop the invasion. John agrees to help but doesn't agree on killing Bud Sanderson.

Malcolm's Discovery Edit

He spends the night awake keeping an eye on the agents who are camped out in Ashwood. Malcolm announces that he has found something and asks everyone to join him. Sam and Six arrive together. Sam's looks implies he has been hooking up with Six. Nine whistles loudly and even Marina affords herself a little smile. It all makes Six skewer them with a defiant look. Obliviously to all of it Malcolm shows them a video footage of Doctor Lockam Anu interrogating him. In the video footage a young Malcolm tells Anu about a Loric Sanctuary in Mexico and how it will help start restart Lorien. He tells them that even as seeing it he doesn't remember it and he apologizes to them for not remembering. Six, remembering John's theory on how Ra may actually be loric and related to Ella, hypothesis that Setrákus Ra kept the pendants of the other gardes', not only as trophies, but as keys to get into the sanctuary. Six and Marina volunteers to go to the Sanctuary while Nine and Four volunteer to go to New York. Six gestures to Sam to not come with her and he decides to go with John and Nine to Mexico. Adam volunteers to go with Six and Marina telling them there will be mogs waiting for them at the entrance to the Sanctuary and he can navigate the Skimmer better. Malcolm decides to stay behind and to find more useful information. John leaves behind the Chimæra to look after him along with Walker's remaining men.

Skirmish in New York and Meeting Bud Sanderson Edit

John, Nine and Sam along with Walker and five of her rogue agents heads to New York. She isn't happy to learn that John isn't going to kill Sanderson. Nine grills Sam about his hookup with Six on the way making John jealous. He checks in with Sarah. She doesn't pick up for five rings making him worried. As soon as she picks up she assures that she is fine. She tells him that they ran into mogs and Bernie Kosar took care of them. He tells her that he sent her information about MogPro and tells her to put it up on the blog. They reach the hotel Sanderson staying and finds it mostly abandoned except for the three mogs guarding it. Walker says her men will go in first and distracts the mogs. Nine wears the gloves he borrowed from Marina and when clapping his hands together in anticipation of the upcoming battle, accidentally making a sonic boom foiling their stealth attack. Mogs fire at them and one of Walker's men is injured. John heals him and a young woman records it. Sam takes her to safety and borrows her phone. Nine and Walker's men kill the mogs and finds out from a hotel employee that the mogs emptied the hotel that morning. Nine manages to kill the mogs guarding Sanderson trying to make up for his mishap earlier. They find Sanderson inside his room who is sick after being withdrawn from mog treatments. Sanderson tries to shoot himself but John stops the bullet at the last minute. Even Walker changes her mind about killing Sanderson. John heals Sanderson and asks his help to stop the invasion. Sam records John healing Sanderson and sends it Sarah. Sanderson turns on the news where it is shown that Mog fleetships have settled over major cities around the world.

Battle with Setrákus Ra and the Fall of New York Edit

When the ships attack John sees Ra land along with Ella. Through the mind link, Ella tells John to take out Ra, and at the same time drains Ra of his legacies. When Four tries to kill Ra with his Loric Dagger, Five throws the ball bearing at him. Five shouts to John that if he hurts Setrákus Ra , the damage would be done to Ella. John then understands what Ella was talking to him using her telepathy. Five then stops Nine from attempting to kill Ra and then Five and Nine are trying to subdue each other. John goes through helping survivors when a Piken nearly kills John. John doesn't have the energy to take on the Piken and is surprised when a telekinetic blast kills the beast. turning in the direction of the blast John sees Sam with his hands outstretched and Sam says "Holy shit, did i just do that?'

The Search for Five and Nine Edit

A little after Sam develops Telekinesis, John convinces a group of survivors that he and Sam saved to head to the Brooklyn Bridge, where the army is helping with the evacuation. Sam and John watch a news broadcast that tells them that Nine and Five are battling in Union Square. On their way they encounter a young girl by the name of Daniela who, like Sam, has developed Legacies. The trio are assaulted by a group of Mogs and beat them quickly. Not long after they are forced to flee to the Subway Station as the Anubis destroys parts of the city they're in. One blast from the Anubis causes the ceiling in the tunnel to collapse, but John, Sam, and Daniela are able to hold it for a short while, until John collapses from his exhaustion. He awakens not long after.

Reuniting with Agent Walker Edit

After he awakens, Soldiers under Agent Walker's orders find them in the subway and bring them to camp, where Agent Walker talks to John about Setrákus Ra's message to the world government. She tells him the US Goverment will help the Garde only if they can help them defeat the Mogadorians within forty-eight hours, or else the government might follow Setrákus order of surrendering Garde in order to prevent the cities from being attacked. With the help of Agent Walker, John and Sam are able to reach Six, Marina and Adam, warning them of Setákus' arrival at the Sanctuary and telling them to flee. John also learns from Adam how to possibly attack the warships. John also contacts Sarah and requests her, Mark and Lexa to go at the Sanctuary. John passes on the information of the warship weaknesses to Agent Walker, then, soldiers arrive and deliver a message from Five, whom they encountered. Five wants John to meet him at the Statue of Liberty, or he'll "give them a new scar".

Finding Nine and Five Edit

John, Sam and Daniela meet Five in his metallic Externa state with Nine unconscious and tied up. John heals Nine and are about to leave when Five reveals that he is also badly injured. John eventually heals Five with Daniela's help and ties him up for good measure. Nine wakes up and they discuss what to do with Five when a Mogadorian Hunter ("Mogasaur") rises from the bay and attacks them.

Meeting in the Elder's Chamber Edit

John, Nine, Five, Sam, and Daniela suddenly loses consciousness during the battle. It is Ella, with the help of the Lorien Entity, who connects with all the Garde telepathically to show the events between Pittacus Lore and Setrakus Ra leading to the war. They also enters a mental representation of the Elders' Chamber with new Avant-garde in attendance, where John encourages them to join the fight against the Mogadorians.

Battling the Hunter Edit

When Ella's power weakens, they wake up and barely dodge the monster's attack. Five calls out to John and Sam, telling them he can help. When Sam cut him loose, Five targets the monster's eyes, retrieves his Loric charm and manages to save Nine from falling to the ground by flying through the eye. Daniela suddenly has a terrible headache, and when John tries to alleviate her pain, he also feels it. Sam deduces that Daniela is developing a new Legacy, and Daniela opens her eyes, emitting a beam that slowly turns the monster into stone. John, by then, has realized he has Ximic, a legacy granting him the rare ability to copy Legacies, and with that Legacy he copied from Daniela, helps her petrify the monster. Afterwards, Agent Walker tells John the US President would like to cooperate with him and the Gerda, because the President's older daughter witnessed his speech at the Elders Chamber in a vision. Then the satellite phone rings and John answers it first. It is Sarah calling him during the last moments of her life, as she is dying. After Sarah died, John with a lot of grief, lead the fight back against the invading Mogodorians, and killed Setrakus Ra. Then following the time skip it is revealed he has built a new Elder's Chambers in the Himalayan Mountains and gave new Loralite Pendants to Six, Sam, Walker, Marina, Adam, Daniela, Ella, Nine, and Lexa.





John has six known Legacies. One in common with the other Garde, three different Legacies possessed by three seperate Garde and two as his own Legacies.

Physical EnhancementsEdit

John has enhanced physical abilities like all Garde do. He is far stronger, faster and more durable than regular human-beings. He is able to throw a full grown man across a room, run at incredible speeds close to 60 mph, and has incredible dexterity. With this, he also has enhanced senses. His hearing range exceeds that of a normal human being's and is thus able to focus on people who are far away from him.

Animal Telepathy (Zoopathy)Edit

John developed this Legacy while in Florida. This was his first Legacy but he thought it was his third, because he didn't realize that he had this Legacy (he thought that Lumen was his first). During his battle with the Mogadorians at Paradise High School, he realized this Legacy for the first time when he became aware that Bernie Kosar was communicating with him, telling him to run away from the piken. This ability works by him talking through his and their minds and not necessarily communicating with them with his voice. This Legacy is also possessed by Number Nine. This was proved by the fact that they both are able to talk to Bernie Kosar, Number Four's Chimæra.


021811 IAmNumberFour

John Smith (Four) using his Lumen as a weapon

Lumen is the Legacy that makes the user immune to heat and fire externally. It also allows the user to produce light from his or her palms. John got this Legacy


a few days after Hannu's (Number 3's) death. This originally started only in his hands but, with the help of Henri, he spread the immunity to the rest of his body and he became fully immune to fire on the outside. Because he only is immune to fire on the outside, if he were to breathe while on fire, he would risk causing internal damage. Eventually, John's Legacy to create light turned into Pyrokinesis, or the generation and control of fire itself. This Legacy allows John to directly tap into the power of Lorien and possess unlimited potential thus hinting that Lumen is a form of energy manipulation.


Every Garde develops the Legacy to move objects with their mind, but Number Eleven did not develop Telekinesis. Telekinesis is supposed to come with the first Legacy, but John's Telekinesis came a while after his second Legacy. Henri knew this and began to worry and tried to activate it by doing training exercises with him. Eventually he did get telekinesis and it advanced very quickly. Soon after he got it, he could manipulate large objects.


Precognition is the Legacy to see into the future in his dreams.( Four also had dreams of past events i.e. the dream about the second ship and baby Ella)  It is unknown if this is an actual Legacy but while traveling with Six and Sam, John began having dreams about the Mogs. It was never said if he thought that this was a new Legacy but it can be presumed that it is. Eight , Nine and possibly Ella possess this Legacy as well.


A Legacy that allows the user to use and master any Legacy that they have witnessed. Four has mastered five Legacies with his Ximic so far.


Healing is the first Legacy John mastered with Ximic. It allows the user to heal any injuries and cure any diseases with a touch, John soon learns how to heal himself(United as One) without having to put his hands on his injurys, he just heals himself without much thought. John obtained it from Marina/Seven,and first discovered it in Dulce, New Mexico, but was unaware that he got it with Ximic.


Invisibility was the second legacy John used with his Ximic. It allows the user to become completely transparent. John obtained it from Number Six. He first used it on Liberty Island during his battle with the Mogasaur.

Stone GazeEdit

Stone Gaze is the most recent legacy John mastered with his Ximic. It turns anything the user looks at turn to stone. John obtained it from Daniela, and first used it against the "Mogasaur".

Cyrokinesis Edit

Cyrokinesis is the ability to create and manipulate ice. He copied this from Seven/Marina, during his attack on the Mogadorian battle ship above Niagara Falls in United as One.

Dreynen Edit

Dreynen is the ability to take Legacies away from other Garde for an amount of time. He gained this ability when he unknowingly charged up his dagger with the red energy in United as One.

Flight Edit

John copied this Legacy from Number Five at Patience Creek.

Telepathy Edit

Telepathy is the ability to go into other people's minds and share memories, speak through thoughts, and bring their "spirits" to a meeting hall (Ella was only able to do this once and with help from The Entity or Legacy). John copied the Legacy from Ella in United as One.


Main Article: Loric Chest

Henri and John have one of several special Loric chests that were given to the Nine Garde that can only be opened by the Garde and their Cêpan together (However, if the Cêpan dies, the Garde will be able to open it by themselves.) Using artifacts from the chest Henri shows John a model of the galaxies where he can see how Lorien looked before the Mogadorians invaded it and how it looks now, desolate and barren.


  • Diamond Blade Dagger: four inch blade sharper than any on earth and can break a Mogadorian sword.
  • Xitharis (last seen with Ella): made from one of Lorien's six moons, is a pale, waxy rock that can transfer Legacies from Garde to Garde for an hour or so.
  • Red Bracelet: a bracelet made with red crystal strung onto it that when senses danger will expand into a six foot shield that is bulletproof among other things. It was destroyed in D.C. when he was fighting Trueborn Mogadorian leader Andrakkus Sutekh.
  • Blue Cube: a small blue cube that when put into mouth will provide icy cold water to the user.
  • Macrocosm: also a solar system of Lorien, if another Garde has their Chest open it will show their location, and if one has their red crystal operating, the user can hear the words being said via the Macrocosm, and if another member of the Garde pairs up with them and has a red crystal, they can communicate back if they have a Macrocosm in operation.
  • Healing Stone: a small, very dark black stone that heals almost any injury created with the intention to hurt or kill, though must be used promptly after infliction and causes double that of the original pain while healing, it can be very painful. Works on both Loric and humans.
  • Loric Salt: small pebbles that when placed under the tongue provide the user with a short burst of energy, strength, and relief from pain, though the pebbles disolve quickly and the use of Legacies rapidly diminish the Loric Salt's effects.
  • Twined Leaves: produces the sound of wind on Lorien when brushed. Believed to be Four's phoenix stone. 
  • Gems: Natural resources from Lorien that could be sold for money. 
  • Pulsing Crystal: The power of this artifact is yet to be discovered. When Four and Six touched this crystal, it sent pinpricks into their hands and caused acid to rise up in their throats.
  • Oblong Crystal: This oblong crystal was used to spread Lumen across John's body. The inside seems to have a milky smoke appearance to it..



Like many Garde children, John was raised by his grandparents. Henri tells John that John's Grandfather loved to make people laugh and was always making jokes and pranks with his invisibility Legacy, and once even pranked Henri. Four's grandparents complimented each other greatly, his grandfather was carefree while his grandmother was more quiet, reserved, very intelligent, and made sure everything went to plan behind the scenes. John remembers that his Grandfather saw him off in the airship that was earth bound. Both his grandparents hugged him and made their goodbyes before returning to the battle. His Grandfather had Lumen, like John, and Invisibilty Legacies.

His parents names were Lara and Liren. Henri mentions that although they weren't allowed his father often came to see John. John has a vision of his father battling the mogadorians during the invasion and dying. His father has the elemental manipulation legacy same as Six. Henri mentions that he met John's mother once and she was reserved and maybe even a little shy like his father.


We always joked about it but you were my father, the best father I could have ever asked for. I'll never forget you, not for a minute for as long as I live. I love you, Henri. I always did

–John, to Henri

Henri was John's Cêpan, a trainer and guardian assigned to him. John never knew his father and as such Henri served to fulfill that role for much of his life. John is often described as desiring to refer to Henri as 'dad' but it does not come naturally as he refers to him as Henri to many people, possibly risking his cover. Henri and John are very close and John has unyielding faith in Henri. Henri has been responsible for looking after John and saving him many times. However there has also been a natural tension between the two when Henri wishes to uproot them both from Paradise Ohio to ensure their survival. After Henri's death in the novel,  John swears to take his ashes to Lorien. John did that because he knew he would go Lorien one day. But he didn't. Instead in United as One John gives his ashes to 6 who goes to the Santcuary, where they make Earth the new "Lorien" and spreads his ashes in the cobalt blue energy.

Sarah HartEdit

Sarah is a presumed-older human female with whom John has an intimate relationship during his 

Sarah and John in the fall of five

tFoF- John and Sarah

time in Paradise Ohio. Sarah's friendly and caring nature and John's attraction combined to create their relationship which began friendly and eventually became romantic. Physically speaking John and Sarah progressed as far as kissing however emotionally they are described as in true love. Sarah tells John at the end of the novel that she will wait for him, and does not come with him, Sam, and Six as they leave Paradise Ohio. She is suspected of turning him in to the FBI after he implies having feelings for Six. but in the Rise of Nine, Sarah Hart was found in the same holding cell with Six in the Goverment base in New Mexico. Later when found by Number Four, she was rescued and she fought side by side with the other garde. She then started travelling along with Number Four and the other garde when they escape the goverment base together after fighting Setrákus Ra.

In the Fate of Ten, Sarah was mortally wounded while Marina was knocked out and died whilst on the phone with Four saying her last words.

Sam GoodeEdit

Sam is my best friend.

–John Smith, The Rise of Nine

Sam is initially polite to John and the two become friends after Sam warns him to stay away from Sarah due to her possessive ex-boyfriend. After witnessing John's legacies during a fight on Halloween Sam pulls a gun on John revealing that Sam's father is believed to be abducted by aliens and that he believes John has come for him. Initially Sam is lied to by John and their friendship continues until he needs Sam to help him save Henri. After this Sam is told about John's true nature, he accepts John as a friend and alien and shows extreme loyalty in the battle against the beasts in the climax of the novel. Sam leaves Paradise, Ohio with John. Apparently Sam vowed to find his father no matter what even if it means fighting mogs who abducted his father. After travelling with John and Six, they soon belived that Sam's father, Malcolm Goode was a helper of the garde, on Earth. Sam becomes jealous of John because both of them are interested in Number Six. After Six left to find a Garde in Spain, Sam and John went to the Mogadorian base and found nine. Sam Goode was then captured because John didn't have time to save him when he went running to look for his father. He was later reunited with his father and John and he and his father traveled with John to NIne's safehouse. John advises Sam about his crush on Six and encourages him to express his feelings. When mogs attack Nine's safehouse Sam's father is injured badly and is on the verge of death. John decides to save Malcolm instead of rescuing Ella who has been kidnapped since he doesn't want his best friend to go through what he went through with Henri. Sam thanks John for saving his father's life.


She's the strongest person I've ever met

–John to Nine, about Six

Back on Lorien, Six's and John's parents were best friends who joked that they'd end up together. When John first meets Six it is because she had been looking for him and the other remaining Garde. Her interventions save his life during his first battle with the Mogs. During the course of The Power of Six, John becomes drawn to Six despite his feelings for Sarah and his friendship with Sam. They constantly flirt with one another and John comes to admit his feelings for her when she tells him she likes him despite the fact that he can be an idiot. When John is reunited with Sarah he admits that he loves Sarah more than Six. Things become awkward between them until Sarah forces John to patch things up with Six. They talk things out and Six says she understands that John loves Sarah more than her and she accepts that. They remain as good friends.

Bernie KosarEdit

His loyalty, his bravery very nearly make me weep. He's a hundred times smaller than the beast yet he stands tall, vowing to fight.

–John Smith about Bernie Kosar


Bernie Kosar, BK for short is John's Chimæra/pet. He comes from Lorien the same planet as John. He has been with John since he was little kid and came to earth with John in the same spaceship. After landing on earth he has been following John and Henri keeping an eye on them. In I Am Number Four he appeared as a beagle form on John's doorstep. He took him in and cared for him. In the battle in Paradise high school BK revealed his true form and fought with mogadorian beasts to keep John safe, and he has been fighting alongside John in many other battles that followed. He travelled with John after he left Paradise.


He's reckless, arrogant, selfish and just flat-out rude.

–John about Nine, The Rise of Nine

When John meets Nine in West Virginia, he is impressed by his Legacies and combat abilities as to compare them to Six's but becomes concerned about the fact that Nine seemed to enjoy fighting too much. Still, they work well together and escape after which they make plans to recover at Nine's home in Chicago. Nine takes care of Four like he is a younger brother, and he would like to be friends with Four. Even if Nine is stronger than Four, he does not underestimate Four's intelligence. When John was unsure about the leader role that was thrust upon him, Nine was able to give him his version of pep talk that lifted his spirits. John mentions that Nine's sense of humour is infectious. They did fight, and it ended in Nine dangling him off a roof, which John was embarrassed by. In United as One before they they attack the West Virginia Base 9 goes to John and tells him sorry for all that he has done for him in case he does die he doesn't want it on his councious. After he apologizes he give John a quick hug and tells him he is his brother (not biologically, they are like brothers) and that they will make it out alive. 

Mark JamesEdit

Every school has one, a tough guy, a bully, whatever you want to call him.

–John Smith, I Am Number Four

John and Mark hated each other at the beginning. Mark constantly bullied John because of his interest in his ex-girlfriend Sarah Hart. During the Halloween hayride his friends attack John and kidnap Sarah. John manages to overpower all of them and throw them in the river not before making Mark apologize to Sarah who in return slaps him. When John saves Mark's two dogs and Sarah from a house fire Mark's attitude towards John changes. When he goes to John's house to thank him he get mixed up in the fight between Henri and John and goes to Paradise High School and gets caught in the middle of the battle with the Mogadorians. John makes Mark promise to keep Sarah safe during the battle and he keeps that promise even after John left Paradise. He helps John during the battle and even carries him to safety when he falls unconscious. He along with Sarah helps John to leave Paradise. In the later books it is revealed that Mark is hosting the They Walk Among Us website and that he needs help, John sends Sarah to help, after the death death of Sarah, John goes the loric ship to see her and Mark is there. John says a few words to her and Mark asks him is that all, and explains how he is selfish for taking Sarah and including her in all of this. On the way John gets stopped by Mark who punches him in the abdomen and then nicks his chin with an uppercut. John then asks him to take Sarah's body to her parents, Mark agrees, but only after dising John. John soon sees mark again in front of their hidden military base, but he is not himself, he has black veins, pale skin, and resemples a mog human hybrid. John is taken prisoner by Phiri Dun-Ra and is unable to escape because the noose around his neck as Phiri slowly syphones his abilities, Mark is being mind controlled by another Mogadorian. After Mark gets a chance to break the mind control and as soon as he tries Phiri Dun-Ra stabs him under his jaw going out the stop of his head, killing him. 

Malcolm GoodeEdit

Your dad's a good guy, we might have to make him an honorary Cêpan

–John to Sam, about Malcolm

Malcolm Goode is John's best friend Sam Goode's father. When John and the other loric arrived on earth Malcolm was there to greet them and to help them. John learns about it on a letter Henri leaves for him. John meets him again when he goes to find Number Five in Arkansas. He becomes sort of an adopted Cêpan for John and the rem

aining Garde. He help them learn more about the contents on their loric chest and helps them train too. When mogs invade Nine's safehouse he defends John and Ella who are comatose. He gets badly injured in the process and nearly dies. John heals and saves him since he didn't want Sam to go through what he went through with Henri.


John and Marina have only known each other for so long but some kind of relationship has developed. When Marina first meets John, she's amazed that she's finally met the famous "John Smith." John is equally amazed by Marina's healing legacy. "That's one hell of a legacy." John also states that he really wants to take the time to get know her but they are in the middle of the Battle of Dulce. Later on, when John runs to Ella and Sarah's aid, Marina is able identify John's new healing legacy. It can be assumed that after the battle, Marina helped John learn more about his new legacy.

While in Chicago, John and Marina seem to develop a brother/sister relationship. While in the kitchen, Marina asks John if they should establish a cleaning and cooking schedule for the apartment. John agrees and the two of them work together to help Ella and they face off in Capture the Flag, in which Marina beats John by using Nine's legacy stone to run up the wall. It can also be assumed that Marina looks up to John for battle tips and she sees him as a leader.

Once John is put in a coma by Ella and Marina leaves for Florida, their friendship is on hold until they can re-connect.

When they reunite at Ashwood Estates, they embrace and hug once again before Marina leaves to Mexico. In the aftermath of Mexico and Sarah's death John and Marina became closer as Marina understood the pain John was going through and his need to keep moving and fighting. At the end of United as One John finds Marina, they see 5 who is now, but a "Ghost" is what John calls him, after John takes her back to the Himalayas to show her what he's been doing after their one year apart, when they arrive Marina is crying and John wipes a tear from her eye and they share a kiss and John thinks to himself. 

"I don't know what it means. Maybe nothing. Maybe something."


I made a choice, they won't hurt her.

–John about Ella

in I Am Number Four John sees a vision of Ella as a baby escaping Lorien during the invasion in a second ship with three Cêpans and some Chimæras. John meets Ella physically in The Rise of Nine. She is nearly killed along with Sarah by the mogadorian leader but John saves them both with his newly developed Helaing legacy. When Ella experience nightmares after escaping from Dulce he talks to her and shares about his own experiences about the visions of Setrákus Ra. When Ella falls into a coma she pulls John into her dream and puts John in a coma too. In the dream John finds out that Ella is Setrákus Ra's heir. When Mogs kidnaps Ella instead of rescuing her John decides to save Malcolm who is seriuosly injured and is at the verge of death.

Adamus SutekhEdit

All right Adam, you're gonna help me win this war.

–John to Adam, The Fall of Five

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