Todd Charleston is a Police Officer from the Paradise Police Department and a friend of Mark James.

Todd attended Paradise High School and was a big town football star in his day. He likes to talk to Mark and about football statistics and plays when he visits the station.

Todd is stationed on the road that leads to the High School, after it is destroyed by Mogadorians, to prevent civilians from entering. Mark tries to find out what is happening at the school but Todd tells him that it's all classified intel. He also tries his luck buy pretending that he left his letterman jacket in his locker but Todd refuses to let him past.

The following day, Todd is switched to the graveyard shift for talking to civilians. He is at the station when Mark arrives, he mentions an electrical fire on the outskirts of town and reminisces about times heavy drinking in the woods. Mark breaks into his Father's office, claiming he needed to pick something up. He is subsequently caught and when the Sheriff reads his texts and discovers that John has returned to Paradise, he orders Todd to take him home and arrest him if he puts up a fight. Mark begs Todd to take him to Sarah's house and punches the metal divide on his police car until blood trickles from his knuckles. Todd tells him to shut up and drives him to his Grandmother's house, claiming that he thought the explosion at the Goodes' house was going to be the highlight of the night.