The Legacies live. They will find each other, and when they're ready, they're going to destroy you.
-Number Three, I Am Number Four

Number Three and his Cêpan were killed in Kenya. The Mogadorian Traitor, Adamus Sutekh, is brought to Kenya in order to track a suspected Garde and his betrayal is finally revealed to his people. 


The Mogadorians find a magazine article which details a boy with strange ankle markings in a Kenyan village. Adam and Ivan are taken to Kenya where they pose as aid-workers.

Adam meets a boy called Hannu who is wearing socks and refuses a jab. Adam realises that he is a member of the Garde and decides to find a way to warn him of the Mogadorian presence.


At night, Adam sneaks through the forest to find Three's home. He tries to warn Three but he is caught by Ivan. Ivan assumes he is trying to get glory of killing Three and tries to stop him. Adam tries to convince Ivan to side with the Loric and he soon realises that he is a traitor. The two fight and Adam manages to knock his adopted brother unconscious. He rushes to Three's hut to find that the Mogadorians have surrounded it.

Three and his Cêpan are awoken by the sound of a noise at the door. Three's Cêpan gets up to investigate and is killed by a sword through the door. Three immediately escapes by bursting through the wall and sprints through the jungle, with Mogadorians and a Piken on his tail. He successful jumps across a large ravine and believes he is safe from his assailants. Unfortunately, Adam's father, General Andrakkus Sutekh is waiting on the other side and kills him.


Adam makes eye contact with his father and it is clear that he knows that his son is a traitor. Ivan appears behind him and pushes him off the ravine. He appears to wake up on the Californian beach from One's memories and hears her voice urging him to wake up or he will die but he is reluctant to leave the tranquility of the memory.  

Eventually Adam wakes up and drags himself through a large part of the jungle before being found. He is taken in by the aid workers and works with them once he has recovered from his injuries. Back at Ashwood Estates Adam and Ivan fabricate a story that Adam was killed in the battle, however Ivan tell Kelly, Adam's sister, the truth.  

Adam becomes accustomed to life in Kenya and effectively gives up on his plan to help the Garde. However, Number One who remains with him in ghost form, and Adam become desperate to return to America in the hopes that he can prevent her from fading forever. 

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