Possessed By Unknown
Persuasion, or sometimes known as Convinco, is a Legacy which gives the user the ability to control an individual using words, the subject will feel compelled to obey. At a highly developed level, this Legacy can be used to cause the subject to injure themselves though it cannot be used to force an individual to do something that they are not capable of.

It is a Legacy probable to a Loric who come under the Lorien Star Sign Povan or Kupin.

Marina, Number Seven is thought to have it due to how her words wash over Five, in The Fall of Five.

Known UsersEdit

Pittacus LoreEdit

Has all legacies through the use of Ximic.


  • Persuasion or Convinco was featured on the Loric Horoscope and has not yet been seen in any publications. The description above was compiled from the assumed function of the power, a power with this name may differ in the Lorien Legacies.

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