One thing I remember is about your Chests. The Inheritances. He told me they would each contain something - he called them Phoenix Stones, I think - taken from the heart of Lorien. Although he called them stones, I don't think we need to take that literally, the phoenix stones could come in any shape or form and when restored to your planet these items should jump-start the ecosystem. I believe right now you're in possession of the tools to bring your home world back to life.

–Malcolm Goode, The Fall of Five

The Phoenix Stones are legendary items from the planet Lorien.

It is stated that only the Nine Elders discovered the stones and soon after the planet was filled with peace, prosperity and resourceful abundance. Certain Loric citizens were gifted with Legacies and became known as the Garde. The discovery also brought the shapeshifting Chimæra out from hiding.

Phoenix stones are not actually stones in fact they come in different shapes and forms.

It is thought that the Phoenix stones are the key to jump-starting the planet's ecosystem again and it's said that each remaining Garde have one of the stones in their Loric Chests.

Phoenix Stones (Identified) Edit

Brittle Leaves Tied with Twine Four Air / Wind
Vial of Clear Liquid Seven Water / Loralite Glows and turns into Loralite when touched by a Garde
Curved Antler Eight Animals Has a profound effect on Chimæras
Bag of Dark Soil Nine Earth When committed to the Sanctuary, they smelled a pungent, ozone-like scent.