Pittacus Lore (Title)
Known Individuals Pittacus Lore (Lorien Era)

Number Four

Legacies Lumen, Pyrokinesis, Animal Telepathy (Four), Precognition (Four), Ximic
Pittacus Lore is the title of one of the ten Lorien Elders. It originated from the original Elders and was passed on through succeeding generations.

The one who takes the title of Pittacus is known for being the leader of the Elders and the most powerful, containing all possible legacies within him through the Legacy of Ximic.

Known Individuals Edit

Banshevus Edit

Banshevus was the original name of the Pittacus who held the title before the Lorien-Era Pittacus. It was said that he served for many ages through times of war and times of peace.

He was present, along with Setrákus Ra (Zaniff), and the two younger Loric who would go on to take their place, on a mission to Mogadore to improve diplomatic relations, however the Mogadorians only accepted Loric presence on their planet in order to attack it. Banshevus and Zaniff lost their lives in the violence and their places taken over by Ella's Great-grandfather and his friend, their bravery and power legacies recognized.

Lorien-Era Pittacus Edit

The Loric who became Pittacus was good friends with Setrákus Ra (Ella's great-grandfather) and the two became Elders after their predecessors were killed on Mogadore. He took it upon himself to be the one to execute Ra for treason but when the time came, he could not go through with it but banished him from Lorien.

Pittacus Lore, badly injured after the Mogadorian Invasion, traveled to Malcolm Goode's house on Earth and relayed as much information as he could before he died of his injuries.

John Smith Edit

John Smith, Number Four, developed the Legacy of Ximic giving him the potential to use any legacy he has seen and confirming him as the new Pittacus Lore. (The Fate of Ten)