Possible Legacies based on the functionality of Loric Items, stones and gems act, as well as occurances where a Legacy may have developed, but not confirmed.

Loric Items, such as the Xitharis, share attributes with existing Legacies which a Garde is known to be able to possess. This suggests that the functions of other items may also have a Legacy counterpart. See Also: Legacy Attributional Items.


See: Duplicator

Number Eight has a scroll in his Chest that allows him to make a duplicate of himself.


Confirmed as a Legacy as of UaO.

Manipulation of Air/WindEdit

See: Green Crystal

The ability to manipulate air molecules to create winds of any strength. Number Eight owns a Crystal which produces a powerful wind that formed a route from the surface to the bottom of the ocean. As one of the four elements, manipulation of wind is part of Number Six's Elemental Manipulation but may also be a Legacy in it's own right.

Manipulation of EarthEdit

Manipulation of Earthen materials. This ability should be part of Number Six's Elemental Manipulation but may be a legacy in it's own right.

Manipulation of Plant LifeEdit

See: Tree Branch

Marina is able to control plant life with the tree branch that was left to her in her Loric Chest.

Manipulation of WaterEdit

The ability to control water particles. Known to be a part of Six's Elemental Manipulation but may be a Legacy in its own right, like the ability to manipulate fire.


See: Purple Pebble

The ability to pass through solid objects. The small pebble in Number Nine's Loric Chest could phase through his hand. SPOILER: Kopano develops this which allows him to save Nigel by passing himself and Nigel through solid ice this may be a extent of Kopano's abilty to change his density to the point of transparency and weightlessness (End of Generation One)


The ability to see visions of the past. Number Four witnessed visions of the Mogadorian Invasion of Lorien while Henri used a crystal to spread his Lumen to other parts of his body. Number Eight mentions seeing visions of Lorien before the Invasion.

X-Ray VisionEdit

See: X-Ray Stone

The ability to see through Solid objects. Number Nine has a rock in his Chest that allows him to see through walls.

Sonic Boom GenerationEdit

See: Dark Gloves

The ability to emit Sonic Waves. Marina owns a pair of gloves which she gives to Nine. When he claps his hands he accidentaly emits a sonic boom which destroys all glass and dazes everyone within its radius.

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