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Ran is a female Japanese Human-Garde. She meets with Bertrand, Nigel Rally, and Fleur in Niagara Falls, where a Loralite Stone is, and fights off several Mogadorian Skimmers. She uses her Bomb Creation Legacy to blow up three of the Skimmers

Biography Edit

After Nigel Rally uploads a video of the four of them onto YouTube, the Mogadorians attack, and Ran uses her Bomb Creation Legacy to blow up three of the Skimmers, killing many Mogadorians, including Vatborn Commander Vintaro Üshaba.

Later, when they are recruited by Number Six, Sam Goode, Daniela Morales, Lexa, and two Chimærae (Regal and Bandit), Ran mistakes them for enemies and throws several grenades at them, created by her Legacy.

After being recruited with the other Human-Garde, she trains with Number Nine and Number Six, as well as Daniela Morales and Caleb in Patience Creek. When Phiri Dun-Ra and dozens of Vatborns attack Patience Creek, Ran and the others fight back. She, Nigel, Fleur, and Bertrand disarm and kill many Vatborns with their telekinesis. Ran blows up many Vatborns as well. She and the others stop when they see John. Phiri Dun-Ra kills Fleur and Bertrand, and injures Nigel. Ran is brave enough to pull Nigel and get him and herself away from Phiri.

After they are taken from Patience Creek, Ran, Nigel, Caleb and Daniela are sent away to lead the Human-Garde as the future defenders of earth. Ran gets acquainted with the Chimæra Gamera, as Malcolm introduces him to her.

Trivia Edit

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