Official name unknown, the Red Bracelet is a object of Loric Origin which was left for Number Four in his Loric Chest. It is bright red with an amber jewel in its center.  

When it senses danger, the bracelet quickly forms a sheath around Four's arm and expands into a shield to protect him. 

History Edit

Although Four acknowledges the existence of the bracelet, it is not until he is with Nine in the abandoned house in the mountains of West Virginia that he puts it on for the first time - hoping it will propel him into the air or shoot a ring of lasers.  

When the Macrocosm they are viewing shifts and they can hear explosions and shouting coming from Six's group in India, the bracelet causes Four's arm to go ice cold and zaps Nine when he tries to touch it. When the FBI agents find them, the bracelet causes Four so much pain that he is unable to defend himself.  

The bracelet soon reveals its function when police officers open fire, it expands to cover Four's arm in a sheath before popping open like and umbrella to form a shield. Four soon learns that the bracelet senses danger and quickly expands to protect him when he needs it (The Rise of Nine).

 During the Attack on Ashwood Estates, Four's Shield is hit with a black energy blast from the sword of Andrakkus Sutekh. The shield itself instantly turns grey and begins to crumble while dark rust like veins begin to appear on the bracelet. Four snaps it off his wrist before they can make contact with his skin (The Revenge of Seven).