The Red Bracelet is an extremely useful item found in Number Four's Chest. It seems that the bracelet knows when Four is under attack and expands into a shield to protect him as if it has a mind of its own. Number Four describes a strange pain in his arms when the bracelet is put on. Nine also felt a strange electrocuting sensation when he touched it. When shot at the bracelet expands and blocks the projectile. In "The Rise of Nine", when Number Nine and Number Four are fighting, Nine swings his staff at Four, but Four's bracelet expands and blocks it. In "The Fall of Five" Nine manages to successfully remove the bracelet using Telekinesis. The bracelet warns the person wearing it about any danger and it even warns about nearby Mogadorians whether they are in danger or not. It was destroyed by General Andrakkus Sutekh in "The Revenge of Seven." 

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