Sarah's Journal
Sarah's journal
Owner Sarah Hart
Function For Sarah's thoughts
Sarah's Journal is a Lost Files bonus containing diary entries by Sarah Hart in a journal given to her by her mother when she returns from her aunt's house in Colorado.

Sarah's Journal details her perspective of events of the school year in which John started Paradise High School.

Journal EntriesEdit

Entry 1- Its the first day of a new school year. The first day that Sarah meets John Smith.

Entry 2- Sarah can't help opening up to John, even though paying attention to the new guy has her ex, Mark, and his whole football crew itching for a fight.

Entry 3- The monsters come out on Halloween when Mark and his gang try to scare John away from Sarah.

Entry 4- Sarah has a fun date making dinner with John, but John's dad, Henri is strangely quiet for some reason.

Entry 5- John comes over to have Thanksgiving dinner with Sarah's family, he seems distracted. What is he hiding?

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